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Title: I Will Protect Thee (2/2) Characters/Pairing:… - basched
Title: I Will Protect Thee (2/2)
Characters/Pairing: Thor/Steve, Tony, Bruce, Clint, Natasha, Pepper, hints of Tony/Bruce, very slight Bruce/Pepper.
Genre: Humour, slash, hurt/comfort
Rating: M (NC17/18)
Words: 3,394
Warnings/Spoilers: 'Off screen' character deaths.
Summary: Thor is on a very important mission.
Author's Note: This is a sequel/companion fic to Saving Dum-E. You might want to read that Tony/Bruce story before this if the end is to make any kind of sense.  I have taken the liberty of coming up with my own take on what (might) happen in Thor 2 and Captain America 2, certain things have taken place in order for my favourite pairing to happen but it's not dwelled upon too much. I do hope you find it funny and enjoyable to read. Beta'd by celeste9 but mistakes or such are all my own. (Split in two because I know LJ won't let me post it all in one go.)

The bedroom door finally closed and Steve sighed with relief, but Thor saw the manner with which he paced the room, the worry and tension Steve was trying so hard to hide, it was a little obvious.
Steve Rogers was a strong man in every way. He had helped Thor with his grief for Jane and Loki in more ways than Thor could ever hope for and yet Steve always kept a brave face with his own loss. Bucky had been his best friend and losing him again was greatly traumatic for the human, but he didn’t show it, not openly as Thor showed his feelings.  Now with what they had become and the closeness they achieved through sharing their grief, he wanted to do much more for Captain America.  Thor would gladly do anything for him.
Thor closed the distance between them and took Steve into his arms, holding him tightly to his chest.  He laid his face in the crook of Steve’s neck and squeezed him, feeling the human’s body finally relax in his hold.
“I know not what would have become of me without your friendship, support and your love, Captain Rogers.” Thor pressed a soft tender kiss against Steve’s neck and he felt Steve flinch from the tickle of his beard. They chuckled slightly before Thor leaned back, cupped Steve’s face with his palm and lightly toyed his thumb over his lips.  “Please, do not let Tony Stark’s jokes vex thee so.”

“I know I shouldn’t, Thor,” Steve smiled at hearing Thor slipping back to his old fashioned Asgardian speech, “but the man is…argh!  I know what Stark is like, I should have expected all this from him, but he succeeds in winding me up all the time.”

“He does that to everyone.”

“He seems to enjoy winding me up more! I know he does! I bet my working with his old man has something to do with it!”

“Relax, my Captain.” Thor gave him another squeezing hug and kissed gentle kisses along the smoothness of Steve’s jaw. Each one made the human Avenger twitch at the tickles again from Thor’s beard, but Steve sighed contently at the pulses of warm pleasure that crept down his spine.  “We are alone and together now, Steven. There is no cause to be afraid.”
“I’m not--!”  Steve cut himself short and grit his teeth through a smile.  Thor knew he was going to say he wasn’t scared, but when Steve leaned back and broke from the hug, it was clear that he was more than a little anxious. He was shaking now, nervous beyond anything Thor had ever thought Captain America to be, but this was to be expected. He knew what Steve was going to say.  “I’ve not done this before….this is my first time.”
Thor cupped at Steve’s cheek and kissed his forehead before enveloping Steve again with his arms.  “I understand, which is why I wish this to be glorious, but if you would prefer to instead lay and sleep, we can wait for another time.”
“No!” Steve blurted out a little too suddenly and again the both of them laughed.

“I thought as much, your body is certainly anticipating me.” Thor peered down and then gently rubbed his thigh against the definite pitching in Steve’s jeans. Steve closed his eyes. His breath hitched and choked at the friction between them and a pounding pulse of heat in his groin made him become even harder. Steve found his breath again before taking hold of Thor’s hands and opening his eyes.

 “It’s…it’s okay.” He said, with great difficulty as Thor continued to kiss around his neck and graze himself against Steve’s erection. “We both agreed that we were ready for now. I just…when it came to getting…. I should have taken care of it, I should have gone to Tony, you didn’t have to volunteer. He took advantage of you…”
“He thought he did, but it was not so.” Thor’s words were broken up between each nipping kiss he planted on Steve’s throat and neck. “What’s done is done. Do not concern yourself with Tony Stark.  We are here, alone and with no man of Iron to stand in our way.”
“At last.” Steve beamed happily and clasped at Thor’s hair, bringing him in for a kiss.
The brush of their mouths was light and hesitant at first, nervous just like their shaking hands which trembled as they touched over their bodies. After a few more brief smattering kisses, the tips of their tongues barely grazing the other through their lips, their hands began to slowly undress each other. Clothes fell to the floor, one item at a time, leaving a trail as they slowly stepped towards the bed.
Once there, once naked and bare, the touching stopped, they broke contact and Thor could only gaze down upon the other man in complete captivation. Steve was glorious naked.

He was perfect.

Thor couldn’t help but stare and he was feeling very aware of his tongue which licked his lips and his overwhelming desire to run that tongue over every part of Steven Rogers’s body.


Steve was looking at him in the same way, the longing and want in his eyes as he looked Thor up and down was hungry and primal and the thought of Steve doing such thing to Thor, made the Asgard god swell.  
Thor went to move in again, to touch him and kiss him, but Steve backed away suddenly and that primal hunger and want was replaced by fear, a fear of being very aware that he was naked, that they both were.
“So!” Steve grinned and instinctively placed his hands over his erection.  “You’re….you’re nearly three thousand years old? That’s quite an age gap.”

“Aye. It is that.”

“Doesn’t that worry you? I mean, humans are….”

“I worry not in the slightest. In Asgardian terms I am not even equivalent to 30 Midgardian years old, I’m still young. There is nothing wrong with what we are doing.”

“Well…well, er… you look good for your age. Pretty….damned….good.”
“Thank you.  You look magnificent too, Steven.”
“For a human who is 91 years old? Thanks…I guess.”
“91? You’ve not even reached your first century?” Thor faked his surprise at such a statement and it got an instant smirk from Steve.  “I didn’t know!”
“Great! Now you’re teasing me!”  Steve moved back in closer to Thor, briefly looking down before gazing back up into Thor’s startling blue eyes. “Have I reverted back to my normal self? Is the serum still working?”
“It would not matter to me if it wasn’t.” Thor closed the gap, stroked Steve’s shoulders and his arms before taking hold of his hands.  “You are the most amazing 91 year old Midgardian I have ever had the honour of knowing.”
“Really? No. You’re just saying that…you’re--!”
“Captain, be quiet and let me kiss you again.”

They laughed as they kissed, uncontrollable chuckles and guffaws into one another’s mouths as Thor released their hand hold and his fingers stroked feather touches at Steve’s neck and skimmed down over a bare and smooth, toned chest.  Steve smirked and bit his bottom lip hard as Thor traced the outline of Steve’s pecs with the tip of his index finger which caused each of them twitch and flex with every caress.  Steve’s hands didn’t know what to do, they were shaking a bit as Thor touched him.

He felt Steve tremble some more and at last his hands rested on Thor’s hips, still unsure of what to do. Goosebumps formed across Steve’s skin as Thor continued, thumbing over Steve’s hardening nipples, pinching them and making light groans come from his mouth.

Steve’s pleasured murmurs increased and Thor sucked them up with a stronger, more forceful kiss, touching and stroking over his torso as he pushed his tongue inside Steve’s mouth.  In a dizzying haze, Thor continued the kiss, feeling Steve sink into his hold, giving up all resistance when both cheeks of his ass were grabbed and squeezed.

Steve gasped again when Thor broke the kiss, both of them panted for breath but Thor didn’t give Steve time to regain equilibrium. His body jerked when Thor leaned down and took one nipple into his mouth and bit on the nub, at the time same time as his nails were digging sharply into one of Steve’s buttocks.


Steve couldn’t even finish his sentence. Thor kissed his body again, some soft, others with sharp bites to sensitive nipples and when he ran his tongue over Steve’s torso, Thor smiled at every sharp intake of breath from the human and every excited reaction. He badly wanted to go lower, to taste between Steve’s legs but such a thought made an idea come to his mind.  Thor stopped kissing him, and carefully eased the dazed Steve back on to the bed.
When the euphoria passed, when his mind cleared, Steve once again became scared, extremely self-conscious about lying naked like he was. His hands tried to cup himself but then he kept taking them away, trying to be confident about this.
“Relax.” Thor said reassuringly. “You have nothing to be nervous about, I will be gentle.”
“I’m sure you will but…I can’t exactly help it…this is my first time. It’s not something that I can keep calm about. Surely you were just the same for your first?”
Thor nodded his head, but he wasn’t going to tell Steve about it. It was hardly the appropriate time. However, Steve suddenly shot up and shuffled backwards until he hit the headboard.
“Oh god! Thor, how many people have you been with in your ‘nearly three thousand’ years of being alive?”
Thor sighed.
“It is not an appropriate subject to discuss now. I am with you and that is all that matters.”
“Say nothing more.” Thor scowled and pointed a finger at Steve as he spoke in his most commanding voice “Stay there! Do not move a muscle, son of Rogers! Do not dare!”
“Do not move!”
Thor had to restrain from grinning at the sight of Captain America tensing suddenly like a child who had been told off.  When he was satisfied that Steve wasn’t going to move, Thor walked away from the bed and returned a few seconds later, kneeling down and crawling to position himself by Steve’s feet, with his hands behind his back.  The look of bewilderment on Steve’s face was hugely amusing and Thor grinned.
“What…what are you doing?” asked Steve.
“Pick a hand.”  Steve sat up and frowned. Thor sighed. “Pick a hand!”
Steve pointed to Thor’s right.  “What are you doing?”
Thor brought out his right hand and opened up his palm. Before Steve could protest, beyond the look of absolute surprise, Thor manuvered on his knees, pulled Steve away from the headboard and onto his back, and gently nudged open Steve’s legs.
Steve didn’t know what to look at, Thor’s naked body or the condom and the set of instructions he was holding in his right hand.
Thor held up his left hand to silence Steve and he looked at the instructions.
“You stated that you needed to be protected and now I will protect thee. Just bear with me as I find out how to put this on you.”
Thor tentatively licked his fingers and stroked them against Steve’s cock, testing and feeling the heat throbbing beneath his tips. Steve bucked.
“Thor, maybe I can put it on myself?” he gasped, grabbing at Thor’s hand as if to push it away. Steve only managed to hold Thor’s hand in place, mumbling as Asgardian fingers continued to stroke him. “Please…let me put it on…myself.”
“No. I can do this, after all I learnt how to operate the toilet that jets water on your rear.”

“The bidet?” Steve choked again, with disbelief.

“Yes! I learnt that and how to gain access to the internet, as well as other Midgardian devices. I’m certain I can put a con-dome on your manhood. Now be still.” Thor placed the instructions down and—thankfully for Steve—took his hand away from his cock, but Thor squinted as he began to read.

“Put the con-dome on when the penis is erect before there is any contact between the penis and your partner's body. Well…we are both erect…so that is not an issue. Fluid released from the penis during the early stages of an erection can contain sperm and organisms that can cause STI's. Indeed?”

Steve snorted with laughter and had to slap his hand over his mouth as Thor continued to read the instructions just like he had with the TV manual, the VCR manual and the DIY manual on how to unblock a drain. Thor liked to be thorough in such matters but he was pleased that his plan was working.  Steve was more than smirking now.

“Rip open foil packaging, being careful not to rip the con-dome.”

Thor noticed Steve had closed his eyes and was biting his bottom lip again.

 “Air trapped inside a con-dome could cause it to break. To avoid this, squeeze the closed end of the con-dome between your forefinger and thumb and place the con-dome over the erect penis. Be sure the roll is on the outside.”

Steve was laughing, just as Thor had hoped.

It was distracting him, provoking another feeling other than anxiety and Thor could see and feel him relax.  Even when he touched Steve, when he placed the condom over Steve’s cock, Steve was still struggling not to laugh.

“While still squeezing the closed end, use your other hand to unroll the con-dome gently down the full length of the penis. Make sure the con-dome stays in place during sex; if it rolls up, roll it back into place immediately.”

Steve’s body moved under Thor’s touch. Thor heard Steve’s soft gasps and moans as he rolled the sheath down with his fingers. He was still laughing though, laughing as Thor continued to read.

“If the con-dome comes off, withdraw the penis and put on a new con-dome before intercourse continues.”  Thor nodded his head in agreement. “That is self-evident.  One cannot use faulty armour.”

“Thor…have you quite finished?”  Steve tried to speak through his laughter and he was getting anxious again, but not in the way before, Thor noticed. He was impatient and with that smile still planted on his flushed face meant he was impatient in the good way.

“Do not rush me, my Captain. I am making sure that everything is perfect…”


“Soon after climaxing, while still erect, hold the condom in place at the base of the penis and withdraw. Wrap it in a tissue and put it in a trash can. Hmm, proper disposal is essential. Sensible.”

Throwing the instructions over his shoulder, Thor took up one of Steve’s legs and kissed slowly, almost in worship, from his ankle downwards, before slipping his lips over the head of Steve’s cock.

“Thor! What the hell are you…oh my god!

It wasn’t right at first, the taste was all wrong, he wasn’t used to it, but when Thor swallowed more, it didn’t matter. It was actually quite pleasant.

Though Steve Rogers thought it was much more than quite pleasant.

Thor grinned as much as he could with his mouth full of cock.


This was Steve’s first time.  His knuckles and his toes went white as they dug hard into the mattress, each gulping swallow Thor made only caused him to clench harder. Thor loved the sounds that murmured from his Captain’s mouth, the quick panting gasps he made and the exquisite expressions upon his face, so Thor continued to bob, taking all of Steve in until the shakes and convulsions beneath him told Thor it was time to retract.

He pulled away, smiling at the sight of the goofy grin upon Steve’s face, and wiped the saliva dripping from his mouth and chin. Thor wasn’t about to let Steve recover, so he rose up and crawled on top of him, his knees either side of Steve’s hips, and then he lovingly wiped the beads of sweat that were forming on the other Avenger’s brow.

It took only a brief moment for Thor to test his own suppleness, two of his spit covered fingers wetting his arse, before he whispered some soothing and comforting words to Steve. Then he took hold of Steve’s cock and slowly sank down onto him.

Steve cried out. Nails dug into Thor’s legs and his breathing became so erratic that when Thor was able, he placed his hands over Steve’s and once he had taken every inch of Steve within, he began to rock. Slowly.

He heard Steve’s moans sound with his own. The penetration stretched him more. Steve’s girth was thicker than what he was used to, but by all things holy in Asgard, it felt marvelous. It had been a while for Thor since he had last been with a man, but now as they began to find a rhythm that worked, as they ground together in near perfect synch, Thor desperately wanted more. He growled, he moaned and murmured words in his mother-tongue, he forced Steve to hold onto him harder and as the pleasure soared through his body, Thor slowly began to lose control.

“Don’t stop. Don’t stop…please my Steven, don’t stop.”

Thor lost his balance. He felt them come apart and a huge bout of dizziness caused him to fall backwards.

Now it was him who could hardly breathe. He could only palm himself and keep that euphoric high going with hard squeezing tugs. Thor didn’t even realise he was still whispering Steve’s name,  until suddenly it was his legs pushed aside and when he looked up Steve was above him, looking dazed as well, but very pleasured.

Steve stroked at Thor’s beard and across his chest, before pushing inside of him. Just the act of doing so made the human Avenger collapse down to Thor who enveloped him once again in his arms. Thor held Steve as he moved within him, tentative and nervous thrusts as he uttered eternal ‘thank-yous’ in Thor’s ear.    

 Thor couldn’t respond except for his touches and his guidance as they continued to gyrate together, building up a slickening sweat and deafening vocalising, the latter of which was soon muffled by a crushing and demanding kiss.

But such a kiss made Steve stop and sit up.

“What’s wrong, Captain?” Thor asked, planting his hands firmly on Steve’s wet rear.

Steve licked his lips.

“Strawberries. When I kissed you…I could taste…well, something, and what was definitely strawberries. You picked the flavoured one, didn’t you?”

Thor beamed happily as if it was the greatest achievement ever. It made him even happier when Steve leaned down and kissed him again.

“I love strawberries.”

Strawberries and Steve Rogers, it was a wonderful combination.

Life was once good again. Thor never thought it would be after the loss of his Jane Foster, of the woman the Dark Elves had so brutally killed. Steve Rogers made it possible to feel love again and this time, he was going to make sure that the man he loved was protected, in more ways than one.



No one had heard Steve Rogers laugh so loud before.

When Thor put in front of him a bowl of strawberries the guffaw and hysterics was so out of character for the normally calm and collected leader of the Avengers.

“Thanks, but I’m not supplying the cream, not this time.”

Tony Stark sat next to Bruce Banner, utterly bewildered at the two men laughing and being so intimate together.  For the second time in such a short space of time, the playboy philanthropist and billionaire was speechless.

“It is a little different seeing them like that, isn’t it?” asked Clint behind them as he poured some coffee into his personalised mug.

“Different, but not…surprising.” Bruce replied, stirring his coffee a little too enthusiastically. He only managed to stop stirring when Pepper Pots gently rested her hand upon his.

“I for one am pleased.” Nastasha added sitting down opposite Tony and watching as Steve and Thor ate their strawberries together. “And it all started with a simple kiss by mistake.”

"Kissing by mistake?" Clint sunk down next to the Black Widow and shook his head. "How does that happen?"

"It's easily done." Natasha replied.  They both nodded and the assassins glared at the two scientists opposite them.
“So Tony, you and Bruce had best be careful,” Pepper smirked.

The spray of coffee from Tony’s mouth went all over the Black Widow and somehow Bruce Banner had snapped a perfectly sturdy metal spoon in half.

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