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Past/Present/Future Chapter Fifteen - Letters For Home
Title: Letters for Home
Characters/Pairings: Becker/Emily/Matt, Connor, Edward Lester (oc) Miles Jones (oc) Charles (oc)
Words: 7,064
Genre: Angst
Rating: 15
Summary: Adapting to life in 1932. 
Author's Note: The penultimate chapter of this part of the story. It's been a while, but it's here and I just hope it's still enjoyable for those reading. Thanks to fredbassett for the beta, but I had to make her changes manually, so if there are mistakes they're all mine not hers. Also I'm not overly well so any more balls up is down to that. :)   Enjoy.

Hey Abby.

I write this only a few hours after Becker, Matt, Emily and I were trapped in 1932. Abby, I’m so sorry for going back, but I couldn’t leave them.

I shall try to be brief, but it’s not easy to fit everything in on paper. God I wish I had my laptop.

Suffice to say, it hasn’t gone well.

Ackley has been experimenting and creating future predators. He’s integrated 21st century tech with 1930’s tech and god knows what else. He’s changed a lot about this time, but he’s kept a tight rein on it. Ackley’s trying to find a way to control his predators, they’ve got the clamps on their heads, like the one Christine had, but we don’t know what he’s really planning to do with them. Matt is involved somehow, Ackley has a strange fixation with him. Ackley wants to kill Matt but then he doesn’t?

The guy seriously can’t make up his mind.

Emily said his beef was mainly with Matt’s dad. He’s angry for not being allowed to stop some kind of future plague and he’s angry at Matt for not siding with him or helping? She’s not entirely sure of all the details, but what we do know is that he’s disappeared and taken his men with him.

The ARC teams here are up in arms about it. Ackley was the one who made these advances possible, he started it all, and now he’s just gone? The predators—which are dead by the way—have them seriously wigging out about what he was doing and they’re way out of their depth. They’re not exactly letting us help either and this is why…
April is alive, Abby. Actually she’s a clone of April. The woman is also Ackley’s daughter which explains a lot! He sent her back to our time to screw things up with Philip…and yeah, me. It was all planned! Now she’s back here! She was here with us in the prison before getting away, but Abby, she’s also done something to Matt. She infected him with some kind of engineered virus or a drug that’s seriously messed with his mind. I think she infected him in 2011 at our ARC, but whenever she did it,   Matt is losing it big time and right now they’re locking him up in an asylum!

He’s really bad, Abby…seeing him like he is, it’s horrible.  I can’t write much about what he’s going through but suffice to say Becker is beyond livid and Emily…she’s not herself either. She’s very quiet, she hardly speaks. I’m really worried for her. For both of them.   

Abby, we don’t know what’s going to happen to us. Becker is in hospital, he got injured, a pretty nasty cut across his eye, Matt is locked away and Emily and I are being held and questioned and not in a nice way. It doesn’t look great for us at all, the possibility of returning back to 2011 is slim at most, but I’m not giving up.

There has to be a way. I’m going to find it.

Edward will be keeping the letters safe and when the time is right our Lester will give them to you. At least this way, you won’t have to worry too much.

Take care.

Connor. xx


It wasn’t the same building as their ARC, but when Emily first stepped out of the lift, the central ‘hub’ had an eerie familiarity to it.
While there wasn’t a sleek computer station, like Jess had in the centre, there were rows of what looked like radios on work benches, and other rigged contraptions, all of which were amalgamated with some future technology.  Instead of only a few quiet scientists at their stations, there were a lot people crowding around the equipment, busy studying and experimenting.

This ARC was much more formal than it was in the future. There were supervisors overlooking things and there was no sound of laughter or the murmurs of gossip. The silence of such sounds and the way the three soldiers were standing on guard gave this ARC a much more formal atmosphere than their own.

Emily stood outside what could easily have been Lester’s—James Lester’s—office. She could see through the glass and open, tattered blinds, Connor talking enthusiastically to Jones, Edward and a rather elderly looking gentleman in a suit.

The elderly man was the guy in charge, the person who made all the decisions. He was Lester’s counterpart.

Introduced simply as Sir Charles, Emily took instant dislike to him, for he was stiff and grim--looking, like a mortician, and he reminded her too much of Henry in the way he acted and treated others.   He behaved as if everyone else was beneath him and had no sense of humour or any kind of positive traits.

Emily didn’t want to go in to that office, even if that snide, despicable man had wanted her there, which he didn’t.  So she allowed Connor and the two other men to deal with things.

Connor was still under the impression that they could find another anomaly and get home and Emily was fine to let him think that. He was in there, babbling in his own sweet way, but looking very haggard and tired. While Edward and Jones were greatly interested in what he had to say, their boss was far from it. Connor was beginning to lose patience, but if there was any remote possibility of getting out of the 1930’s it would be Connor who would find it. He would be the one to do something and she wasn’t going to argue with him when he still had his enthusiasm.

 Emily had other things on her mind.

They had been trapped here for just over a week.  Becker was in hospital still, but that didn’t stop Sir Charles sending his people to get information out of him. The three of them had been interrogated about the creatures in the prison and for what else they knew about Ackley, and while Jones accepted their reluctance to divulge too much about the future, Sir Charles did not.

He did not make things easy for Emily and Connor.  He threatened to have them locked up in a cell, he threatened them in just about every single way he could think of but in the end he was overruled, he was told to treat them as guests not prisoners or suspects. So they were given some place to stay but kept under close observation.

 The attic apartment Emily and Connor had been given was big and very spacious but it was not somewhere Emily wanted to stay for the rest of her life.

It was drab attic, with no individual rooms, only three beds, one sofa with a table and a worn out wireless, a fridge in the far corner and a wash basin.  It was on the verge of falling apart.  It was the attic above a music hall that had bands playing every night, so in the late hours, as she tried to sleep, the lively music echoed up through all the floors and she could hear it. It was just a rundown attic with crappy lighting; a place none of the disgustingly wealthy knew was there whilst they drank, danced and enjoyed them, Emily and Connor were isolated and contained.

Connor had gone to the club a couple of times, hoping the jazz and other people would help him, but Emily steered clear of it.  Edward and his wife came to see them to help in any way they could, with food, clothes and any extras they could spare, however Emily couldn’t get comfortable no matter how kind they were,  or the staff of the club, because she still worried about Matt.

She worried about him all the time.

Emily had tried to get Matt out, she did everything she could, but just like in her era, the men in charge weren’t interested in what a woman had to say.  Her threats and angry retorts were ignored by those in charge, for their priority wasn’t the release of a mad Irishman, it was the location of Ackley.

All of Ackley’s properties were searched, which were abandoned and empty, though thankfully no more predators were discovered. There wasn’t a single clue left behind that could lead them to him. The government wanted him found, the PM had been duped by him and so nothing else mattered.

Almost every resource was put into finding Ackley.

The anomalies were dealt with. Jones and his teams were a familiar and slightly comforting sight, especially when they answered the calls, but it was all so odd and cause for a little concern. Connor had said that until Cutter found the one in the Forest of the Dean, no one else really knew about them.     

Connor dived into the research here, it was what he did best.

The days were cold for Emily.  Without Matt and knowing where he was and what he was going through, she couldn’t find any warmth or happiness in anything. She even missed Becker, but when she went to visit him in hospital, he was just as withdrawn and sombre as her.

Connor’s company was fine and well, he did his best to make her smile and she appreciated his efforts, but… he wasn’t Matt.

A siren started to go off, breaking Emily out of her daze and she saw everyone in the room start to panic as to what was going on. One man was already on the phone when Connor and the others came rushing out of the office. Sir Charles was fuming.

“What the deuce is going on?” he bellowed above the alarm.

The man on the phone muttered into the handset and put it down, mere moments before the sirens stopped wailing.

“Sir, Captain Becker is on his way down,” he said nervously.

Emily smiled. She was pleased he was finally out of hospital. When she told him about Matt, his bad mood had gotten worse and now he was coming here. Good.  Let them deal with him.

“When one of the sentries tried to restrain him, he assaulted him and forced his way through.” The man stammered under the mean glare of his boss. “He’s caused quite a ruckus, sir.”

“Is he armed?”

“No, sir.”


“Apparently he didn’t need to be.”

Connor’s snorting laugh into his hand made Emily smirk and they both turned round when the lift doors opened and Becker came storming out.

The three armed soldiers were upon him immediately and they grabbed hold of his arms, making the situation worse. Emily and Connor called out for them to let him go, as Becker resisted.  He got a head-butt to one of them and elbowed the second man in the stomach but the third kept him in a tight lock and dragged Becker up to Sir Charles.

Emily saw how pale and tired Becker looked. He wasn’t fully recovered and he looked so weak and weary. A long pink/red gash stood out on his pale skin, his handsome face was marred now by that knife wound and it was going to leave a big scar.

Becker was angry and that scar made him look even more so.  After a few moments of struggling, Becker finally calmed down enough for the soldier to let him go, when he then confronted Charles with a barely restrained temper.

“Get Matt Anderson out of that place.” Becker ordered. “Get him out of there, now!”

Sir Charles simply sneered at Becker with utter contempt. He was not impressed by Becker’s actions or fazed by his threatening manner. He looked over Becker’s face, scrutinising the large gash that barely missed his eye. Sir Charles took a step back and brushed his fingers over his jacket as if to swipe off something disgusting Becker had left there.

Captain Becker. You may do things differently in your time, but you most certainly do not barge into this facility and assault the men who work here. You do not call the shots, you do not give the orders. You and your friends are here only at the request of the Prime Minister, however I can say the word and you, your woman and your short northern friend will be out on the streets, so don’t threaten me,  because that will not get that Irish madman out of where he is supposed to be.”   

Emily nearly threw a punch at the bastard’s face for that comment, but Connor held her back, obviously thinking that Becker would do it for them.

Becker smiled back at Sir Charles.

“Of course, sir. I’m sorry.” Becker calmed down and appeared to co-operate, holding up his hands in a show of assurance but then he smiled a big insincere grin. “Sir Charles, I want to help you find Nathan Ackley. The PM wants him and he wants information, which I will give you. My friends and I will co-operate. We can even tell you what we learnt about the anomalies. Anything you want to know, we’ll give you. Gladly.”

“Don’t play games with me, Becker,” Charles said, clearly disbelieving him and the way Becker was acting.

“Oh I’m not. If you wish to ask us questions, we’ll talk.”

“But Connor here has been refusing to tell us anything,” Jones interrupted “For good reasons, as far as I’m aware.”

“Well, I thought I was doing the right thing by that.” Connor was just as confused by Becker’s behaviour.  “Becker…I did do right by not telling them stuff…right?”

“Tell them what you know, Connor,” Becker said as he still stared and grinned at Sir Charles as if everything was hunky dory. “Tell them everything.”

“What… what about the timeline and altering history?”

“Don’t worry too much about that. The Prime Minister has to know.”

Emily watched the smirk on Sir Charles’ face grow. The arrogance of that man was sickening. Sir Charles signaled to some of the other ARC researchers with a single gesture of his hand and obediently they scurried around Connor, ready to usher him away for interrogation.

It wasn’t as if they hadn’t tried to extract this kind of information already, but they were much more hopeful now that Becker had said they would cooperate. Sir Charles was too, he was positively beaming in his victory.

“Hey, Connor!  Hold off just for the moment, though!” It was Becker’s turn to smirk and he did with childish glee. “Don’t tell them anything until Matt is released.”

“I beg your pardon?” Charles pulled a face at Becker, grimacing as if he was some kind of bad smell wafting beneath his nose. Becker’s smile grew wider and was more much genuine. Emily found herself doing the same.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I should have made myself clearer. We won’t be telling you anything until Matt Anderson is out of that place you have him locked up in. Matt is the one who knows how to find Ackley, far more so than we do.  He's from a completely different time than us.”

“You mean he’s from your future?” Edward piqued up.

“Matt happens to be our friend and so he belongs with us, not rotting away in some barbaric loony bin dosed up on whatever screwed up drugs this era think will actually help. We want him back and so until he is, the Prime Minister and your staff here will get nothing. Put us out on the streets if you’d like, put us in jail too if you really think that will help, or threaten to shoot us, whatever. You’ll get nothing and Ackley will elude you. Matt is your only hope.”

“You insolent little prig,” Sir Charles scoffed at him and then sneered at Connor. “Do you really think your feeble attempts to get that Irish sack of crazy out, will work? You don’t make demands here, Becker. I will have you all arrested and…”

“Arrest me then!” Becker yelled. “Arrest us all! Good luck with finding Ackley, because you have no bloody clue, you stuck up arsehole!”

Sir Charles opened his mouth in shock. He stood there for a few seconds, stunned that someone had had the audacity to speak to him like that. He went to give the order to have Becker arrested, but he closed his mouth quickly and instead grunted distastefully before walking back into his office and slamming the door behind him.  Emily saw him pick up the telephone and she watched most bemusedly as he had a rather harrowing conversation that didn’t go his way.

“Oh Becker, mate! Way to stick it to the man!” Connor grinned and held up a hand for a high-five. Becker obliged him by slapping that palm. “I’m so pleased you’re here now! We’ve missed you buddy!”

Connor and Becker gave each other a quick embrace, which made Becker smile with relief. After they let go, Emily could see he was more than tired. He was exhausted and he could really do with a rest. The hospital hadn’t been brilliant for him but just like Connor, he was pushing past the fatigue.

“Connor…” Becker lowered his voice. He paused briefly when Charles bellowed loudly for Jones and Edward to get into his office and then carried on when they were out of earshot. “When they talk to you, make stuff up. Can you do that?”

“You want me to lie to them?”

“Pretty much, the timeline has been changed too much already. Giving them real intel would make things worse.”

“Oh sure!” Connor beamed happily. “Lying it is then! I’ve got tons of TV sci-fi to fall back on!”

Connor would have a field day doing that.

“Good one.”

Becker patted Connor on the back and turned to Emily when Connor walked over to one of the work stations.

Becker’s bravado softened somewhat and his cocky confident smirk changed to a gentle, sincere, but sad smile. Emily was a little caught off guard when he wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace, but she held him and she felt Becker sag wearily against her.
He nestled his face in the crook of her neck and they just stood there for a moment, Emily letting him regain control of his breathing and his anxiety through this hold, giving him the comfort he really needed in return.

It felt good for her. Emily squeezed Becker, urging him to hold her tighter as well and when he responded in kind, she felt a warmth ebb through her body she hadn’t felt since they’d been trapped here.

“It’s so good to be out of that place,” Becker murmured softly against her neck. His warm breath sighed against her skin and then he pulled out of the hug.  “I couldn’t stand it.”

“You were giving the nurses a hard time.” Emily took hold of his hand and gently stroked at his arm.
Becker huffed out an amused chuckle and nodded.   “I was a bit of shit, but then 1930s healthcare isn’t what I’m used to. It’s practically medieval.”
He touched absentmindedly at his wound and scowled, the scowl quickly changing to regret and worry as he remembered Matt giving him the injury.

Emily reached up, slowly and carefully and traced her fingers across the length of his wound. Becker flinched a little, but he accepted Emily’s touch.

“Have you seen him?” he asked, making Emily take her hand away. Her hand dropped but not before it traced lightly across his stubbly cheek.  She shook her head.  “I don’t blame you for not seeing him, but we’re getting him back.”

“I tried,” she said, gritting her teeth and glaring evilly at Sir Charles in his office. “I did everything I could think of but they wouldn’t listen. That beastly man brushed me off as if I was nothing but foul excrement on the bottom of his shoe!”

“I know you did your best, but that man doesn’t have a choice about it anymore, we’re going to have Matt back.” Becker pulled Emily into another hug, again drawing much needed strength from her, rather than giving it.

He was not normally one for showing his vulnerability, nor did he allow it to be witnessed by others, but Becker was content to have Emily see how he was and help him for both of them knew that they had to be strong in order to help Matt.

“Connor said April did something to him.” Emily muttered. “How she was even alive, I don’t know, but she could have given him any number of substances! We need to know what exactly, because if we can’t reverse it, he won’t get better. He won’t be…”

“Emily, I swear we’ll get him back. We’ll find out what April has done to him and Matt will be the same cocky Irish shit we all came to know and well… know.”

He still couldn’t say it.  Typical.

Bells started to ring. Emily recognised what that sound entailed and watched as Jones and Edward came running from the office. The two of them immediately went to the station of a middle aged man with sandy coloured hair and glasses who slammed down the phone.

The man in question proceeded to inform Jones about an anomaly sighting. She didn’t know his name but he was Jess’ equivalent, the field co-ordinator and as he was informing the team leader, men Emily saw at the prison with Jones began to mobilise, just like an ordinary ARC team would.

Becker looked for a moment as if he wanted to go along, his fingers twitched to grasp the familiar outlines of an EMD but instead he approached Jones and listened in, before asking if Connor could go with them instead.

“Sure. We could do with his expertise.” Becker appreciated the cooperation and Jones smiled in return. “Charles doesn’t like what you’ve done. He’s up in arms over your demands, but it’s happening. They’re going to release the Irish fellow into your custody, but only if he helps find Ackley and keeps out of trouble.  One wrong step and he’s back in there for good. I hope for your sake your friend is not as bad as he was.”

“I hope so too.”

“Good. Lester will accompany you and you can then take Matt Anderson back to your apartment. He will need some rest before we question him, that’s for sure.”

“Aren’t I needed on this anomaly mission?” asked Edward, almost whining like a child, or like Connor did when he knew he was going to miss out on all the fun.

“No. It’s best that you stay with them, so deal with it Lester. Besides, they seem to have a rapport with you. We’ll make sure Temple is okay with us, though I sincerely hope this anomaly is a lead.”

“Thank you, Mr Jones.” Emily held out her hand and the man graciously shook it before barking orders out to his men and Connor.

The six of them filed out, all arming their pistols and revolvers, except Connor, who was quite put out they wouldn’t let him have one.

“Let’s get out of here…before Sir Charles changes his mind.”  Edward sighed and turned away from the office. Emily heartily agreed with that statement but even leaving this building and getting away from that man didn’t alleviate the fear of how Matt would be when she saw him.

When he closed his eyes, he could picture the desolate wastelands of his home.

He saw the blood and heard the screams. He smelt the acid as it fell as rain from the sky and the foul stench of decay and shit. The nightmares had come back with a vengeance now and so had the memories.

He dreamed of his father, of how Gideon had tried to make things right. He dreamed of his father’s death and of the pain he went through.  Ackley had caused that pain, Ackley had given Matt’s father a slow and agonising death and Matt wished—he prayed—everyday that it had never happened.

He wished for a great many things, but most of all, Matt wished that they had never found Nathan Ackley, or befriended him. Matt wished that they had never taken him back to their time to try and persuade him to stop his experiments.

Matt was full of regret.

He was full of something else too.

When he opened his eyes—which stung and throbbed —there was nothing but a cold dreary room, bare and grim except for the iron bed he slept on. There was no window or any source of light except from a flickering bulb that didn’t really illuminate anything and in this darkness his head swam with a dizziness that made him nauseous due to the drugs they pumped into him. There was also a foul stench that permeated the place. That was him.

It felt like a dream, but Matt knew this was real. Sometimes, he was there, leaning casually against the wall smiling and laughing. He whistled and sang, which often annoyed the orderlies and nurses and their methods to shut him up only riled Matt more. When he became like that, that was when they put on the damned jacket, injected him again and let him scream it out.

Matt lost track of time here. He didn’t know how long he had been in this place, wallowing in the darkness and in his past (future?) but now as he lay on his side, the restraints of the leather jacket securing his arms tightly to his body, something was different.

Someone was coming.

The door bolts clanged loudly and there was a familiar squeak as the door opened.

“Oi, Paddy! You’ve got visitors!”

“I’m not allowed visitors,” he murmured, looking to the other Matt sitting cross-legged on the floor beside him “Except him. He’s always fucking here.”

Matt Two grinned and waved at the orderly who clearly couldn’t see him.

“They’re your friends or so they say,” the man said. “I find it really hard to believe that someone like you has any.”

“I’m all charm!” Matt Two guffawed. “Show them in! It’ll be a laugh!”

The orderly shook his head, confounded as to why Matt was finding this funny and opened the door wider.

Matt shuffled around and saw the light beaming through. He sheltered his eyes by covering them with his arm, but he forced himself to peek and all he could see were four blurred outlines of people. He couldn’t make out who they were, except for the one in white.

“Here he is. Good luck to you, he’s doped up on various drugs to keep him calm….”

“Oh my god, Matt!”

“You bunch of sick bastards! How could you treat him like this?”

Two new voices started talking, loudly and desperately…angrily? Matt couldn’t tell. He couldn’t see who they were, so he looked to his other self, who shrugged his shoulders.

“Get that thing off him! Get it off of him!”

Matt reacted, he jerked and tried to resist as two other men in white appeared and dragged him up off the floor and onto his knees. He stopped fighting when the leather straps from around his head were loosened and they fell away.  Soon after his arms were free and the jacket had slipped right off.

He couldn’t sit up though. Matt toppled from his knees and onto his side when the orderlies let him go and the cold hard floor smacked hard against him, making him cry out.

“Don’t get too close to him, sir! He’s prone to violent outbursts, that’s why he’s in this cell!”

“Oh shut the hell up.”

Strong hands lifted him up off the floor and held him in a sitting position. Matt still felt dizzy and sick, but his vision was able to focus more at the person who had lifted him up. He didn’t know this person… did he?

Matt Two did and he was sneering.

“Matt, it’s me! It’s Becker. Do you remember? Do you know who I am?”


His vision began to clear and the man came into much clearer focus. He was younger than he was, good-looking except for the scar, and dressed in black but there was something missing.

“What do you want?” Matt asked, his voice croaking.

“I’m taking you out of here.”

“Are you sure? They don’t let crazy people out of here.”

Becker grinned and patted his back. “Yes. You’re getting out of this shit hole. You’re not crazy, Matt.”

“He doesn’t seem to think so.” Matt pointed to where the other him was.

At first, this Becker looked confused as he tried to see what Matt was pointing at. He frowned in disbelief and Matt finally realised that Becker couldn’t see the other him. If seeing hallucinations of yourself wasn’t crazy…he hated to think what actually was.

“You’re coming back with us, Matt. We’re going to get you better.”

Better? They couldn’t possibly get him better. Matt looked around, ignoring the other him who thought it all funny, and tried for a moment to make some sense of the confusion in his head.  His memories and nightmares of his life felt horribly real now, but there was something good in amongst it all. He recalled something that wasn’t painful or sickening.

A smile, beautiful dark eyes…a kiss of lips so soft.  Matt pulled that memory out of his bloodied past and focused on it. 

It finally clicked as she knelt down beside him.  Matt smiled. He remembered her.

He remembered this woman and how the dark long ringlets of her hair framed her face. He remembered the intensity of her eyes and how her smile could make him feel.   

She wasn’t smiling now though. She was sad, her eyes were pooled with tears and she was shivering. Matt remembered what he did the last time she looked sad.

He leaned out of Becker’s hold and rested one hand upon her shoulder. The other brushed her hair out of her face, his thumb wiping away a lone tear that spilled down her cheek. He was surprised that she didn’t back away or flinch. She wasn’t the slightest bit afraid of him when he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers.

He wrapped his arms around her, cradling her body as he gave everything of himself into that kiss, and for a brief second Matt felt her respond, she inhaled with excitement mere moments before pushing him away, her hand still lingering, shaking, on his cheek.

“Matt. No.”  

She wasn’t sad anymore. She was angry.

Was she rejecting him?

Matt felt a stabbing stitch in his chest; he slumped back onto his rear and shook his head in disbelief.  This wasn’t supposed to happen!

Matt peered around again, she had moved away from him, shaking with fear and dread and Matt hated himself for it. His other self smiled and tutted as if he knew she was going to do that.

The dizziness came back. Matt swayed in his upright position, he nearly toppled over, retching but bringing up nothing, but his hand slammed onto the floor and prevented him from collapsing completely. He dry heaved for a while, before Matt Two choked with laughter.

“It’s not funny! Stop laughing!”   

“I’m not here!” Matt Two yelled. “You’re the one laughing, dickhead!”


The slap round the face caught him off guard, but it didn’t stop the laughter.  He heard several gasps and outcries from the others in the room as well as from her, they were yelling at him and at each other, but none of what was being yelled was clear. He just carried on laughing through the sickness in his stomach and in his head, but then he was hit again.  The smarting burn across his cheek hurt, but this time Matt shook off the daze.

Matt looked directly into dark brown eyes and after a few more moments, he stopped laughing. His throat felt dry, he desperately needed something to drink, something other than the luke warm fetid water the staff gave him.

A vague memory came to the forefront of his addled mind and he smiled even more at the man who had hit him. This man could get him a drink.  Matt was sure of it.

“Do you have any beer?” he asked.

Becker responded with a crafty smile of his own and helped Matt to his feet.

“Sure, I have beer.”


We’ve finally got Matt home! Well…we call it home but it’s not really. It could still do with a lot of work and some decent bloody furniture but we can’t really complain… well, we can and we do, but…
Sorry. I got distracted.

Matt was released from the asylum, thanks to Becker and his negotiation skills. The doctors strongly disagreed, but Becker was having none of it. He wants Matt to get whatever drugs he’s high on out of his system. Matt’s been pumped so full of drugs he’s away with the fairies. He’s an absolute mess and it’s like seeing a junkie going cold turkey when we watch him. It’s downright awful.

He screams every night and every day, he has these fits and shouts abuse and insults at us, and at other people that aren’t actually there! He’s having serious hallucinations that I’m wondering if there is any chance of him getting better at all! This could be what April has done to him!  He barely eats or does anything except scream, but Becker and Emily are being vigilant. They’re hanging in there, looking after him, being there for him. I don’t know how they cope. They’re amazing.
They’re doing everything they can for him, but it’s difficult. They won’t admit it, but they’re struggling. I’ve offered to help but they won’t let me.  So I’m doing all I can to find a way home. I suppose that’s all I can do.  

I’m researching as much as I can with what information they will let me have about the anomalies, and there are a lot of anomalies about.  We get reports of at least one every two days and that wasn’t how it was before. They’re remote still—which is so convenient yeah?—so a lot of people don’t know about them and the incursions have been thankfully few. There is an ARC here now, run by a really horrible stuck up arse who is nothing like Lester and could never ever come close to being as good as him! But they have teams of people who allow me to help, we go and investigate…it’s kinda like what we do in 2011, really.

Anyway, the only conclusion I’ve come to, regarding the amount of the temporal incursions is that these anomalies are being opened, probably by Ackley’s people. They’re still around, this time is important somehow and so they’re coming and going as they wish. This also means they must have access to devices to open the anomalies, like the AOD that we had in the cretaceous. Well, it’s a theory and I hope it’s right.
If only I can get my hands on one of them.   

So far, we’re not having any luck with anything.

I really hope it changes soon.

Xxx Connor. 


At last, he was resting peacefully.
There was no hurt or pain on his face as he slept and there were no signs of bad dreams as far as she could tell.  The fever had passed, he was regaining some colour back and before he had passed out, Matt had eaten quite well, actually he had stuffed his face, but it was a good sign.
He was on the mend.
“I feared the worst for a moment, Lady Merchant.”
Emily didn’t need to look to know that Edward Lester was standing in the doorway.  She’d heard his footsteps as he came along the corridor and he hadn’t been exactly subtle upon coming through the door. Edward always came by to check on them, but it wasn’t just because he was ordered to do so by Charles. He came because he cared and was concerned.  There had been times when Emily and Becker had fallen asleep because of their exhaustion, only to wake to see the young man watching over all three of them.
Fiona had given him another bag of food for them and so Edward set it down by the fridge and came to stand by Emily’s side.
“It’s good to see he’s all right, now,” he said, his mannerisms so very much like James it was uncanny.
“For the time being.” Emily let out a sigh. “We don’t know what April did to him yet and we won’t know until he wakes up. Has Connor had any breakthroughs?”
“No, but he’s still trying.”
“I hope Mr Jones is not working him too hard. Connor needs his rest as well.”
“Miles doesn’t have a say in the matter, Connor insists on pushing himself.”
“Tell Mr Jones if Connor doesn’t rest, he’ll have me to answer to.”
“Of course, Lady Merchant.”
“And you can stop being so formal with me. My name is Emily.”
“Yes, Lady Emily…”
There was no point in trying to tell Edward to relax. It was just like telling Connor. They all wanted to get back to their own time and Connor had a lot on his shoulders to try and make it possible, but then Connor was of no use to them if he was tired.
Then the same could be said about her and Becker.  The sleep they got didn’t feel in the slightest bit restful, in fact she always felt worse when she woke up. However, Emily knew that if she were to fall asleep now, it would be the best sleep she’d have since they got here. She felt comforted seeing Matt as he was now, so with Edward here, perhaps she could just shut her eyes for a moment.
She never got the chance to, as the other two men finally came through the door and Connor’s excited voice jolted her awake, nearly causing her to fall out of her chair. Emily checked to see if Matt was woken but thankfully he still slept on.
She was not pleased about their rather loud return, so Emily got up and went to confront them. Emily was a little taken back by their appearances, for Connor and Becker looked as if they had been wrestling with some wild animals. Their clothes were ripped and muddy and both of them appeared to be missing their shoes.
“Emily! You should have seen us handle this raptor!” Connor’s smile shone through the grime on his face. “We were amazing!”
“Oh really?”
“Oh yeah!” Connor then began to tell the story of how they were called out on yet another anomaly.  He was babbling on about how they came across the raptor and when he saw how displeased Emily was looking, his voice trailed off into mumbles of “sorryIthoughtitwassocool…”
Becker looked a little ashamed too. He added his own murmurs of apology for being too loud and abrupt when walking in but Emily wasn’t going to let them off that easily. It was all fine and well for them to go out creature hunting and anomaly chasing when she was here with Matt, but she had always asked them to be quiet upon their return.    
A startled cry rang throughout the room and everyone turned to look.

Matt had jolted up right from the bed and was now wide awake, scared and so disorientated he then began to panic and started to thrash about.  Emily and Becker rushed immediately to his side.
Emily could only watch as Becker tried to pin Matt to the bed, his hands firmly grabbing on his wrists whilst he straddled him and held him down. He called out to Matt, he tried to reason with him, but a vicious head-butt knocked Becker off and in his confusion, Matt started a brawl that had the three others hugging the walls.
Becker was trying his best to not hit Matt, but as Matt’s scared and angry punches were genuine, fast and brutal, he had to respond in kind. Most of the time they managed to block each other’s blows, but it was difficult for them to focus properly and so a few of the blows connected and soon each of them had split lips and blood trickling from their mouths.
All during this Becker had called out to Matt, tried to make him see reason, but it never happened. It didn’t stop and even Emily’s cries and pleas went on deaf ears. Connor and Lester tried to intervene as well, the result being the both of them clocked by a stray fist.
Emily’s fears nearly caused her to scream again, when Becker was finally thrown to the floor and Matt, still in a rage, straddled him and placed his hands around his neck.
“Matt! Stop it! You’re killing him!”
He didn’t stop, Matt continued to squeeze.  Becker began to thrash and gasp for air.
But before anyone could intervene, there was a look of horror, of realisation in Matt’s eyes and his hands dropped away. He dragged Becker up and then held him in a tight embrace, rocking as he apologised.
“Oh shit! I’m so sorry! Oh god, Becker…I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I didn’t know….I’msorrysorrysorrysorry!”
Emily was about to go over and help, but stopped short when it was clear that Becker didn’t want help. He wrapped his arms around Matt and his soft whispers and calming strokes of his hand on his back, quickly ended Matt’s fearful apologies.
“It’s all right. You’re safe now. You’re with me.”
Becker broke the hug, but rested his hand upon Matt’s check. He wiped his fingers across Matt’s bloodied lip and ever so tenderly kissed him.
Matt kissed him back.
It was the first time Emily had seen them do so.
It was obviously the same for Connor and Edward.

Did you know about Matt and Becker? Why didn’t you tell me?

Oh! What I saw at Emily’s party, in the men’s bogs, was true? It wasn’t a dream?

When we get back to 2011, you and I are so going to talk!

Connor. Xx


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Ooh, great to see more of this fic. Yay for Matt being back, boo for Sir Charles - Lester is a billions times better.

Love Connor's letters to Abby.
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