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Caught In A Storm - IV

Title: Gale Force
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Thor, Odin, Happy, JARVIS, Tony, Pepper, Dum-E, Heimdall, Hogun, Volstagg, Fandral, Sif, Loki
Words: 5,548
Rating: 18, NC17
Summary: The storm doesn't please everyone.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Avengers or any of the characters used in this story. I'm just using them for my own perverted little mind.
Author's Note:  Oops, forgot to post this one up! This has been beta'd by the ever wonderful celeste9 but anything that is messed up, wrong or wotnot, is all down to me. Do enjoy...thanks.

Odin Allfather beckoned his eldest to sit beside him. The golden haired youth ran across the room, his feet clomping heavily on the polished floor before he leapt upon the ledge. Thor let out a loud cry of cheer and flipped his legs over the side. Once he finally settled and calmed down, both father and son sat looking out over the city and at the long stretch of the rainbow bridge and the cascading oceans falling into the abyss of space.

Odin placed a hand on Thor’s shoulder and smiled softly.
This was it.

“My son… there will come a day when everything will change.”  Thor’s eyes widened in worry and Odin squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. “Don’t worry, Thor, it will be glorious.” 
“What is this day, father?”  he asked, now hopeful and joyous.

“As you get older your body will change physically in preparation for this day. It is the day you will become a man.”

Those blue eyes widened and that youthful face beamed with happiness. “Really? I cannot wait!”

“You must, my son! It will not be easy though, it will be sudden and intense, you will be bombarded by emotions that you cannot control and you’ll have urges that you will want to act upon. It’s a phase, a transition where you finally reach adulthood.”

“When will this happen for me?” Thor asked, giddily. “Will it be soon?”

“Not yet, Thor. You are but only 80 years old. This change often occurs when you have passed your first century, but it depends on the individual.”

“So… what will happen, father? Will it be the day I finally wield Mjölnir?”

“Not necessarily. You may prove yourself worthy of that gift before your change, as I’m sure you will.” Odin squeezed his son’s shoulder again. “This is biological; the physiological changes inside you will control you to do…”

“Is this about sex?” Thor blurted it out so loudly it echoed around the room. Odin peered over his shoulder and noticed the guards at the door shifting slightly on their feet; one even looked up at the ceiling, pretending that something else had gained his attention. “This is about sex, isn’t it?”  

Odin nodded and sighed. Thor would know about that. Children were aware of sex and knew quite well enough as to what it was, but they were never interested in it, at least not until the change. The disgusted look on Thor’s face plainly showed what he thought about it.

“Yes. It is about sex, but it’s not just about that. The change will determine what kind of a person you will be; it will test your character more than anything. You must remember that the transition is not something that just happens and that is the end of it. Our kind are long lived compared to others and our physical strength greater than most, so too are our biological drives. There are none in the nine realms who go through what we do, or endure the longevity of it.”


“The change  lasts a long time, as can your sexual urges and  encounters you experience in your life from then on, but it will never be as strong or intense, unless you are bonded to a partner, bonded physically and mentally… to a wife.”

“Or a husband?”

Odin bobbed his head. “In some cases, but not yours. A man for you would not be fitting… he could make you too volatile. I have already betrothed you to someone.”

Thor scrunched up his face again and shifted away from Odin.  “You have? Who?”

“The Lady Sif. She is a sweet girl and comes from a loyal and worthy family. She will make you a fine wife and be a magnificent mother to your children.”   

“Really? Sif?” The young boy didn’t like the sound of that, but then the company of girls wasn’t what he cared much about. Sometimes Thor’s interest in fighting and sparring worried Odin, he feared that it would be all Thor would ever know. “But…”

“She is worthy of you, Thor. She is a good match and it has been arranged. When the time comes you shall be bonded and you will spend the rest of your lives together, as King and Queen of Asgard after I am gone.”

Thor shook his head and turned back into the room. He flipped his legs over the side and slid off the marble ledge and onto his feet. Odin knew what he was going to say.

“I do not wish to have a wife or a husband! I don’t want to have sex either! I want to fight our enemies! I want to defend Asgard from those who would do us harm and gain honour in battle!”

“You may feel that way now, but rest assured you will not think so when it happens. I am telling you about this, Thor, so you are prepared for what is to come. Every Asgardian goes through this phase and it is a glorious and momentous stage in our lives, it is celebrated just as much as the day of our birth and our naming. It is more honourable than any deed done in battle.”

“It is?” Thor scratched his head in confusion. “I don’t see how, father.”

“We have peace, Thor. That is far more worthy than battle or war and the transition you’ll go through is so much more, it will help you define yourself as a man.”

“Then tell me more, father. If this is something I must prepare for then I will be prepared!”

Odin was more than pleased. He patted his eldest on the back of his head and stroked at his soft blonde hair with pride.

“But wait! We must get Loki, he should know about this as well!”

“No!”  Odin watched the frown crease his first born’s face. “I mean to say, not now. This is a matter I would like to discuss one to one. I shall give Loki the same talk, don’t you worry.”

“I understand.”

As Odin Allfather continued with his talk, he tried not to think upon Loki Laufeyson, on the adopted boy who would not go through the same as his ‘brother’. Instead, he hoped that Thor’s overabundant recklessness and arrogance would be tempered by his change and by the daughter of his best friend. He hoped that he hadn’t made the wrong decision.

Happy was not happy.

He was used to running errands for Tony Stark, he was used to having strange and bizarre requests at all times of the day and Happy didn’t mind doing the errands because he loved his job. He was devoted to his friend Tony Stark. Happy would be a washed out nobody if it wasn’t for him. Happy was well paid for doing what he did and Tony and Pepper felt like family to him; there was nothing he wouldn’t do for either of them. He’d even help out the other Avengers if they needed, because they were a part of Tony’s team now.

The others never asked for as much as Tony Stark did, in fact they respected his bond with Stark and his position and asked very little of him and when they did, they didn’t wake him up at insane o’clock either. However now was a different matter.

The storm had been going on for hours, it had been pleasant mostly until the time he was asked to go and get a delivery of shawarma for Thor.

It tipped down. The umbrella was useless and so running back to and from the car got him completely and utterly drenched.

Then there was the order at the shawarma place. It was a very large order but Happy didn’t find it odd because it was Thor who had ordered it, the guy had the appetite of two football teams, so it figured. The staff at the restaurant had made a big issue of it—it was too much at short notice—they argued and Happy got a splitting headache because of it.  The order got done in the end and it took a couple of trips to get everything back to the car.

Happy was a little pissed off by the time he got back to the tower. The rain had paused briefly and there were some moments of sunshine, but of course when it came to him getting out of the car and into the open, the black clouds had loomed overhead and decided to upend themselves on top of him.

What was even worse was the fact that whilst he got absolutely drenched, the bags filled with food somehow managed to stay reasonably dry.

“Shit.” Happy trudged along the corridors to the elevator, leaving wet foot prints behind him along with drips of rain dripping from his coat. “Shit, shit…fucking shit!”

“I have informed Miss Potts of your arrival, Mr Hogan.” JARVIS’ pleasant voice filled the elevator. “And of your condition. She wants me to let you know that a bath is being prepared for you and some dry clothes have been laid out in one of the guest suits. She will not want you catching a cold, Mr Hogan, sir.”

That was so sweet of her.  That brought a smile to Happy’s face, but only for a moment.  He was shivering by the time he got to Thor’s suite and the sound of boisterous laughter from within didn’t improve his mood.

His hand rose to knock upon the door, but he didn’t need to as the door was flung open quite suddenly.

Happy got the shock of his life.

“Ah! Glad tidings! You bring food, excellent!”  Thor snatched the bags off of Happy, picking out a few individual wraps for the man and handing them to him. “Thank you! This great deed will not be forgotten!”

Unfortunately for Happy, neither would the sight of the naked god with a full and very well endowed erection.

The door slammed shut and Happy was left standing like a drowned rat in the middle of the corridor.


Thor didn’t eat as much as he thought he would. The delicious and still warm chicken wraps went down an absolute treat, as they always did, but it was Steve eating which made him buzz.

Thor was entranced and utterly mesmerised by the way the man scoffed down a number of shawarma. Thor couldn’t take his eyes off of his mouth, he was fascinated by the way Steve chewed and licked his lips; he was captivated by the polite burps Steve made and was amused at the pleasant curses Steve uttered when something spilled into his lap. Any ounce of calm, any tiny bit of restraint that Thor had left was greatly waning.

The foul food stuffs that he had consumed in the kitchen before had made him forget momentarily about his urges and when he had seen that sun shine, Thor had felt normal for a second.  A few deep inhalations and it felt like there was no need to act upon those urges until Steve’s hand had touched against his back.

All it took was the warmth of a palm against his skin to break that calm. Thor had barely made it back to the privacy of his room before he had Steve up against the wall and began kissing him with all his might.

The pants Steve had been wearing were ripped off in a blink of an eye, the torn shreds discarded on the floor, and soon both of them were scrambling at each other, furiously and hungrily before Thor had started laughing.

He couldn’t help it.

He guffawed right into Steve’s mouth and had received a hefty shove and a punch in his stomach for doing so. Thor vaguely recalled stumbling back, light-headed from the kiss, but laughing boisterously as he turned drunkenly in a circle before crashing against the wall, the very same wall which now had large chunks dropping away onto the floor.

At the exact same time Thor had started laughing, things outside had gone a little haywire. The weather seriously didn’t know whether to shine or rain. The sun was shining even though the rain was falling heavily and dense black clouds tried to block out the sun, but every second or so one type changed to the other, not easing up, only intensifying more.  Thor thought that the sky would explode from the sheer amount of charge it had building up and by how much power he was channeling to it through Mjölnir.  He could feel it all and he felt so strong and amazing that it was raging in him, it was crackling over his body, charging him, and being with Steve made the power much more intense.

Such a connection to the storm and to Steve elated him, it made him giddy and high, he was beyond aroused and so as Thor had lain flat on his back on the bed, he laughed triumphantly and sparks of electricity, of crackling lightening, shot from the tips of his fingers, absorbed by Mjölnir lying against the window and then by the storm.

It was then, when he was laughing so much, that Happy had turned up with the food.

“Did you have to do that?”  Steve crumpled up the last grease proof wrapping, placed it inside the box and put that gently inside the bag it came in. Thor didn’t really hear him, as he grinned and stared at Steve tidying up the other remains on the bed, still chewing on his last mouthful.

The food hadn’t dampened the energy practically seeping from the Asgardian’s pores, and even as Mjölnir absorbed its owner’s excess power, it seemed that Steve had been given some too. Thor rolled on to his front and again watched the human.  He was so vibrant and alert as he now got up from the bed and walked back and forth in the room, he had regained a lot of the energy that had been sapped from him during their hours locked together.

Though quite how Steve was able to endure Thor, neither of them could explain. Thor hadn’t thought about it but after that first time, he couldn’t believe it had happened. Humans were far too fragile, it was why he had left Jane, but now Thor realised that Rogers was the only one who could withstand him. Such a thought elated him again, that buzzing high made him grin and he continued to watch Rogers.   
Steve was majestic in his bare form and Thor loved it when he forgot his shyness and did what came so naturally. Steve had been more than a little shy about his body at first, as if such a finely built vessel was something to be ashamed about, but now he didn’t seem to care about strolling around the room on full display.

It seemed that all humans had this peculiar shyness about nudity, Thor didn’t understand it.  

“My apologies for laughing, Steve!  I cannot help myself when I’m like this. The laughter was merely a physical response to all this power emanating around us. It is a shame you cannot feel it as I do.”

Steve paused for a moment and looked to Thor, smiling softly.

“I can feel something. It’s hard to miss actually and I’m pretty sure everyone else in the city knows that something is different.” Steve sat down next to Thor, reached out a hand and took up Thor’s own, instantly feeling the jolts of numerous electrical sparks shocking his skin. His recoil made Thor chuckle again. “You’re…you’re another race entirely, Thor! You’re making a storm out there and touching you is like touching a live wire! It’s sending all my senses into overdrive! This is so  confusing for me, it’s bizarre and yet so… amazing at the same time! I don’t know what to even call what it is!”


Steve laughed and then with his finger, he chased  a single tiny tendril of electricity as it snaked down Thor’s back. It tickled and Thor grinned and giggled almost childishly, arching his back and body against Steve’s hand to encourage more contact.

“Fun… that’s an understatement, but I need to have a clear mind about what this is we’re doing, who you are! I need to know what we’re doing and what this means.”

“We’re having sex. It is fun and enjoyable. It makes us feel good. Do you… do you feel good?”

Steve laughed and got up from the bed to continue to pick up Thor’s discarded shawarma wrappers. Thor was a little disappointed that he didn’t carry on touching him but watched him tidy up just the same.  Steve paused in the middle of his tidying and his eyes fixated on Mjölnir still glowing and surging with power by the wall. He was lost for a moment and Thor noted how he was tempted to reach out and pick it up—or at least try to.  Thor immediately tensed with worry about Steve touching Mjölnir and he quickly scrambled to get up, but Steve turned around to him.

“Did you have to answer the door like that?”

“I’m…I’m sorry?”  Thor didn’t quite understand where that had come from. He had expected an answer, not another question, and one unrelated at that.

Steve sighed heavily and gestured towards the door.

“Did you have to fling open that door and display yourself to Happy like you did? I mean the poor guy has to put up with Tony and his insanity on a daily basis, and you just open the door to him naked and all…pointing up?”

Thor smothered his mouth with his hand as Steve cringed and pulled a disgusted face at the words he had used.

“Do you think he found me repulsive?” Thor laughed jovially as he watched with lurid desire at Steve who continued to fuss over the state of the room.

“Well…no…I don’t know! No! You’ve got the body of…well a lot of men in this world would kill to have your, our….” Steve laughed, realising how ridiculous he was acting. “That’s not the point! I was asking as to how you can be as blatant as you are! Do you often go parading yourself naked to other people?”

“Nudity is never an issue to me, Steve. So you don’t think Happy was disgusted with my appearance?”

“It’s more likely that Happy was shocked at seeing you naked.”

“Ah!  It is like the shower incident on the helicarrier!” Thor beamed in understanding.


“After the battle with the Chitauri, when we got back from the palace of the shawarma, I went to have a shower before returning home. I got a very similar response from the others who were present.”

“Thor, there were other women there!”

“I don’t understand why they objected to my presence.”

“You were in the women’s showers, Thor.”

“So they did not find me a pleasing sight then?”

Steve stammered a little bit. “I think they were more upset about you seeing them naked.”

“Then I am vexed as to why they objected! They had figures of goddesses!”

“Thor, you’ve missed the point, again.”

“Why do you have separate facilities for the sexes? It is far more pleasant and relaxing to…”

“It’s a Midgardian thing… can we leave it at that?”

“So Happy was not pleased to see me answer the door naked?”


“Your point being?”

Thor slipped from the bed and walked over to Steve to cup his face with his hand. The other stroked through Steve’s damp hair and down his back, teasing with the tips of his nails at Steve’s skin. He did this several times, purposely causing the human to tremble more.

“I…I don’t…there was a point?”  Steve murmured.

“Only that you are glorious too.” Thor leaned in and brushed a single kiss to Steve’s mouth, teasing at his bottom lip with a slight nick from his teeth. “I’m glad that when I was banished to the men’s only facilities, it was you who was there. You are magnificent to behold, Captain Rogers, and I feel deeply honoured that you allowed this to happen.”

Before Steve could say anything, Thor kissed him fully. Thor felt Steve tense against him, as he was no doubt shocked at the tenderness and affection of the kiss, but he relaxed into it and wrapped his arms around Thor’s back. The kiss continued, slow but deep, sensual as their tongues dug deep and toyed together.  Steve gasped and pulled away, needing to breathe in some air as his hands slipped down, lingering over Thor’s chest. He felt the impossible pounding of Thor’s heart. It was faster than a human’s rate, it was racing so much and as Steve kept his hand resting on the muscled pec, he started to worry.


Thor kissed him again to silence his worries, with a tight grip on the back of Steve’s neck and one on his back, Thor trailed his mouth along Steve’s jaw, nipping down across his neck, purposely brushing and scraping his beard over Steve’s skin and making him quiver.

“Will you permit me to have you again? Or do you wish to talk?” He moaned pleadingly against Steve’s neck, palming his hands on each of Steve’s shoulder blades and pulling him tighter against his own body. The reply he got was a kiss so hard, Thor was caught off guard, he staggered back and his hands dropped to rest on Steve’s rear.

When he clawed his nails into the flesh, when Steve bucked up against him, grabbing his hands in Thor’s long hair, another rather large static shock shot between them and both their legs buckled beneath them. Thor roared back in elation, grinning and smiling at the challenge, and continued the kiss.

They staggered about the room, unrelenting with their groping hands over each other’s bodies. They became starved and frantic and they never stopped for air as the kiss and dominance was far more important.  Eventually Thor got the upper hand and was able to shove Steve up against the wall before they fell or stumbled. More of its plaster came away, joining the rubble on the floor, but they didn’t notice or care about it.

 Thor pinned Steve against the wall and slipped one of his hands around over Steve’s hip, tracing the pads of his fingers lightly against his skin, making his body spasm. Another shot of electricity sparked over the two of them and Thor instantly took a hold of Steve’s cock. The grip was quite hard at first, squeezing and making Steve grimace with pain, but then Thor loosened his hold and began to massage it softly in his fist, stroking and squeezing gently, enticing Steve to moan in his mouth.

Such a delectable sound made Thor smirk and the surge of laughter threatened to break them apart, but Steve tightened his hold on Thor, pulling him harder into the kiss and pushing back with equal vigour. Thor felt Steve’s fingers wrap around his cock and for a while it was a struggle between the two, who could pleasure the other more with their hands pumping and caressing each other. The kiss became harder, more desperate, their grasping hands squeezed that little bit harder as well and then finally Thor shoved Steve against the wall, again and again.

He broke the kiss apart and leaning back he saw that dazed happy and goofy look upon Steve’s face. His eyes were drooping closed, his mouth hanging open moaning as Thor continued to tend to his erection, producing more and heavier breaths and groans of pleasure with each motion. Steve was barely able to stay on his feet, he wobbled. He closed his eyes and his hands dropped away only to grab another hold on Thor’s broad shoulders.

Thor grinned.

This time he was going to do something for Steve.  He wasn’t going to be selfish any more. The storm and Mjölnir seemed to like that idea and boomed a huge thunderous response when Thor broke away, slipped down to his knees and took Steve into his mouth.

“Oh my god!”

Thor grinned.

Yeah, he was.


“Now reaching gale force winds, sir.”

Stark didn’t need JARVIS to tell him that. He could hear and see the winds battling against the windows, he could see the city and what it was going through as thunder and lightning lit up the skies. The Avengers were supposed to be keeping the city safe, not subjecting them to this just because they were feeling horny!

“Right! That’s it!”  Stark downed the remainder of his drink and turned away from the balcony, heading straight for the elevator. He grabbed his shirt from the back of the sofa but a hand grabbed him.

“What are you going to do, Tony?” asked Pepper, taking the now empty glass from his other hand.  Stark sighed, the alcohol had taken effect hours ago, but it didn’t do what he had hoped.

“I’m going to get them to stop!” Stark exclaimed. “Seriously, how much can Rogers take keeping up with that guy?”

“How do you intend to stop them?”


Stark hadn’t thought of that. Unless there was actual physical intervention, he doubted that he could say or do anything.  He could ask Banner to suit up and pull the two of them apart… but then he thought best not as the Hulk would likely take that literally and they didn’t really want that. Tony didn’t actually know how the Hulk would handle seeing the two of them having sex…he made a mental note to see how that would turn out…on a purely scientific basis, of course.

“JARVIS?”  Tony hopefully addressed the AI.

“As I have mentioned before, sir, all attempts to get through to the couple have fallen on deaf ears. Short of a fire or major catastrophe, nothing will succeed.”

A couple.  Those two were that now, not that Stark objected. It was nice for Steve to have someone and get his end away, but this storm was seriously too much.

“Tony? What are you thinking?”

Stark turned back to Pepper and then slowly sank down to his knees, holding both her hands.

“We’ll go! You and me! We’ll get on a plane and fly to somewhere exotic, somewhere hot and not near the horny God of Thunder and his Super-serum soldier!”

Pepper’s face said it all.

In this storm?

She was right, of course, but he wasn’t going to admit that.

“It’ll be fun.”

“It will be dangerous.”

“It’s the best kind.”


“Fine! Then what do you suggest, Miss Potts? I’m out of ideas… out of ideas that do not involve violence and the deadly use of our Hulk, that is.” Tony took back the glass and got to his feet. He walked over to the bar and frowned, pointing at the mechanical arm on the other side. “You spill pouring this, Dum-E, and I will send you to the scrap heap!”

The sad little whine from the AI arm and the bob from the device indicated that it understood and proceeded to pour Stark’s drink.  It did so without spilling a drop.

Then the idea hit him.

Stark smiled and held out his hand for the glass.  The smile was short lived when the bot went to put the glass down on the counter.

“No! Don’t put it down on the top, just give it to me!” he sighed and tutted irritably when Dum-E didn’t know where to put it, in his hand or on the table. “Me! Give me the glass! Give me… oh never mind! JARVIS, contact Erik Selvig and Jane Foster!”

“As you wish, sir.”

“Tony!” Pepper leapt up from the sofa and immediately there was a finger pointed in Stark’s direction. “Don’t you dare bring Jane into this! She and Thor agreed to not--!”

Tony approached her and silenced her warning with a kiss.  He got a push for it, but Tony could only grin, which in turn made that cute little smirk rise at the corner of her mouth.

“Pepper, I know what I’m doing. Those two know how to contact Thor’s people. They’re the so called experts and are bound to have his parents’ phone number! We give Odin a call and ask him to have a little word with his son about his behaviour! No biggie!”

“You’re going to tell on Thor to his dad? Really?”

“I know. It’s so petty and childish of me! If it gets him to stop humping our beloved leader like a Labrador on heat, then sure! Why not?”

“Tony, Thor said this was normal for his people, why involve his father in something that’s clearly a personal matter?”

“Pepper… Thor’s sex drive is creating hurricanes and gale force winds in the city of New York. Thor is also inflicting some unforeseen side effects for continuingly ravishing one of the Country’s most beloved icons. It’s not personal, it’s very public!  But Selvig and Foster know how to get a hold of Daddy Odin and I think Thor visiting home for a few days might be good for all of us. Relax! I know what I’m doing!”

Tony Stark always knew what he was doing.


The Iron Man didn’t need to contact any one.

Heimdall had already informed the Allfather of certain things he’d seen, not that he was looking all the time into that room, but there was something clearly wrong with the Son of Odin.

“So… how does this happen now that the bi-frost has gone?”

The Warriors Three stood by Heimdall, waiting for something, they knew not what.  Hogun was patiently waiting, expressionless and silent as always; Volstagg was impatient but curious, looking behind the Gatekeeper and Fandral twirled at his moustache, clearly worried and concerned about going back to Midgard and about his friend.

“I will simply use the Tesseract,” Heimdall said matter of factly in his deep tones. “I have borrowed some of its power to send you to Midgard. Hurry and bring Thor back. Bring the human he’s with as well.”

“Bring a human? Here?” gasped Volstagg. “Odin might not like that very much. A human in Asgard? That hasn’t happened in a--!”
The large warrior never got a change to finish his sentence as he and his companions were engulfed in a swirl of blue and they disappeared. Once the power ebbed away into nothing, Heimdall took a few deep breaths and looked down towards their destination.

“You are sure you do not wish to go?” he asked without even turning to look at who approached.

“No.  It will be too… uncomfortable.”

“This has never bothered you before, Lady Sif.”

The woman came to stand by Heimdall and after a few moments, he felt her hand touch at his arm. Hardly anyone touched the Gatekeeper, but he welcomed it, even if he did feel her pain and anguish.

“This is different. Something is different about him… something wrong.”

Very wrong.


“Brother! Did he speak to you? Did he give you the talk?”

Loki looked to his sibling and his friends, the three who were now virtually inseparable from the Crown prince.  Why were they interested when the subject was clearly of no importance to any of them? He sighed and slumped down by one of the many towering statues that lined the miles long walkway. Thor clambered up onto the statue’s feet as did Fandral and Volstagg and they glared down waiting for a response.

Yes, Allfather had given Loki the talk, but all the way through it, Odin had appeared distant and concerned. He had said the day would be glorious and would mark a big moment in Loki’s life, but Loki didn’t think that his father would be looking forward to it.

It was as if Odin Allfather was afraid and that was something Loki had never thought possible. His father was the King of Asgard, nothing could scare him, not even the Frost Giants.

“Loki, you will look out for your brother, won’t you?”

“Of course I will, father. I would do anything for him.”

“You’re a good boy, Loki.”

Odin had kissed him gently on the forehead and hurried him away to play. Loki ran off, but left an illusion behind, which noted that Odin didn’t come out of that room for the rest of the day.

“Has father betrothed you to someone?” asked Thor, swinging his leg down and kicking playfully at Loki’s head. Loki scowled and smoothed out his black hair with one swift motion of his hand.

“No. He did not.”
Though Loki wondered why Allfather hadn’t. Was he not good enough for a betrothed?

Thor slipped down from the statue and hauled Loki to his feet. He then wrapped his arms around his brother in a tight embrace.

“Never mind! Who needs husbands and wives and children of our own when we have enemies to slay? You and me, brother! It will be you and me against the whole universe! Let them try and stop us!” 

Loki smiled.

He liked that. He liked that a lot.

He hugged his brother back and clung to him tightly.

“You and me, brother.”

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