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Caught In A Storm - V

Title: The Eye
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Thor, Coulson, Loki, Sif, Tony, Pepper, Hogun, Volstagg, Fandral, Clint/Natasha, Fury
Words: 6,261
Rating: 18, NC17
Summary: Help is on the way?
Disclaimer: I do not own the Avengers or any of the characters used in this story. I'm just using them for my own perverted little mind.
Author's Note: Forgot to post this one up as well! This has been beta'd by the ever wonderful celeste9 but anything that is messed up, wrong or wotnot, is all down to me. Do enjoy...thanks.

The fall and the landing dazed him.

Thor was stunned for a moment as he picked himself up from the ground, and it took him a few more moments before he slowly walked to where Mjölnir lay.  He couldn’t comprehend why Loki had done what he had just done, there was no need! None of this made sense to Thor, surely there was a way in which they could reconcile without all this… this madness?

However Loki had killed the SHIELD agent, Thor’s friend, and had felt no remorse for it and that had never been like his brother.

Something had to be done.

Thor took solace that the Son of Coul would be celebrating his life and his victories in Valhalla now, along with the other glorious and honoured dead. He would be grieved for, greatly, for it had been the quiet Agent of SHIELD who had assured Thor of Jane Foster’s safety, who had set his mind at ease. He talked to Thor about how she fared in his absence and how often she spoke of him and Thor had greatly appreciated hearing this. It made his heart soar thinking of her and knowing that she was safe, but he knew he would not be able to see her once Loki was captured. His return to Asgard would be immediate.    
But what was strange to him now, as Thor stood in the middle of the field and picked Mjölnir up, as the lightning struck the hammer when he held it aloft, it was not Jane Foster he thought of.

Coulson had noticed Thor’s initial uneasiness around the other Avengers, Rogers especially so, and he had quickly settled some of the god’s concerns. Coulson showed Thor his card collection and told him the story of the super soldier with the wonderment of a child.
So Rogers was more than human, he was enhanced by a serum that in turn only worked because of his natural goodness. He was a beloved icon, a symbol of greatness and hope.
“You don’t have to worry, Thor,” Coulson said as Thor looked at the trading cards he had been given, in bewilderment. “You may have your misgivings, but trust him. He is everything honourable and good in this world. There is no one better.”

“You truly believe this?”


As Thor held Mjölnir up to the sky, the lightning, wind and earth swirling around him,  Coulson’s words convinced him to go back and fight alongside the man they called Captain Rogers. Thor would follow his lead, because of Coulson’s say so.

With Rogers’ help, Loki would be stopped and brought to justice.            


He moved and the roots bound tighter around him. They allowed him to breathe, but barely, as they slithered in and around his mouth, gagging him and preventing him from making any sounds except his chokes.
Yggradsil was corporeal here beneath the cities, deep in the shadows. Unlike its bodies of strong towering trunks and branches that stood like fortresses on green slopes far from the great halls, the gnarled fleshy black roots were decaying but they were by no means dead.

Long ago Odin Allfather had tested himself; he had hung from the branches of the Life Tree, to prove himself worthy of his title, and it was told that he hung for nine days and nights without food or water with them wrapped around his throat and arms. But for Loki, his presence here was not to prove his worthiness.
He was not and never would be worthy. He was not of Asgard after all.

The tendrils of the life tree were Loki’s prison and they were his punishment for his crimes on Earth and against Asgard. This was where he would be and remain so for the rest of his long life. It would be an eternity.  The roots of the life tree never gave up anything unless Yggradsil wanted and as it held him tighter, nearly cracking at his bones, as the runes spoke to him running along the flesh of the roots, it was clear Yggradsil didn’t want to.

There was no light down here and chilling winds rippled through the cave, swinging the roots and its captives to and fro. Loki was not alone down here, but the others could hardly be called company. They too were silenced, but they were like lifeless bodies hanging there, and the only signs that they still lived were the occasional moan. This was what his existence would be now; this was where he and his anger and resentment against the Asgardians would fester.

No one had visited him since he was brought here; no one except for Thor.

Thor had still insisted on calling him brother when he came down here and spoke about his grief for their falling out. Thor had expressed hope that Loki would end his hatred and thus redeem himself to Yggdrasil but Thor’s visits always ended with him being more upset than when he came and his heavy footfalls echoed throughout the cave when he left.  His ‘brother’s’  visits were also the only time where there was light, as a guard followed Thor and kept a distance holding a small torch which cast orange and yellow glimmers of light on the cave walls.

Now, Loki’s eyes saw in the darkness a small flame moving towards him. For a moment he thought Thor had come back again and Loki gagged with disgust at having to hear more pleas and remorse-filled words from him, but the footfalls—apart from the guard’s— that accompanied the light were not the heavy falls of a man. A female.

Loki would’ve smiled if the roots pulling at his mouth would let him.

The light finally revealed the woman and Loki was pleasantly surprised.

He hadn’t expected her but it made sense that she would see him, eventually. She stood before him, dressed in her armour with her long black hair tied back into a stretching ponytail and a cloak of fur wrapped around her instead of a cape, to shield her from the cold, but it didn’t stop her from shivering.  

“Lady Sif. What brings you here?” He would have said it if he could, but the look in his eyes got the question across to her well enough.
She stood her ground, knowing that even in his silenced state he could still cause ‘mischief’, and grasped her hands behind her back.

She was beautiful, Loki couldn’t deny it, but her kind did nothing for him. If only she were Jotun.

Sif scowled as the roots did nothing to hide Loki’s sudden grinning reaction. He laughed, the sounds bubbling chokes as saliva drooled from the sides of his mouth.    

“Do you know what is happening to Thor?”  she asked, showing her disgust with a contemptful sneer.

There is something wrong with the son of Odin? Oh dear. Oh dear, dear dear. That just won’t do.

Yggdrasil squeezed him for that sarcastic comment. Figured.

“He is not himself, something ails him.” She said, the hint of sadness, of regret sounding in her usually cool and certain voice. Loki knew exactly what was going through this woman’s mind. Sif may be the friend of Thor Odinson, but she was supposed to be his betrothed, she should have been his wife, Queen of Asgard and the first who had lain with him.  She had loved him all through their childhood, through their betrothal and even now, it showed. Her pain was immense knowing that Thor did not love her back like she did for him, she was in her own kind of hell that these roots could never offer her, so Sif coped as she could. She was a strong Asgardian warrior; she didn’t allow her feelings, her love for Thor, to interfere with the answers she now sought.

“You think I am responsible?”

Sif stepped forward, her hand resting on the hilt of her sword, her fingers twitching, just itching to pull out her sword and slay him there and then, but Loki saw the runes scrolling along the roots even though the exact words were unfathomable. Yggdrasil was telling her to stay her hand.

The woman heeded those runes, a wave of overwhelming emotion humbled her and she bowed down and backed away ever so slightly. However, she tilted her head upwards and glared back at Loki.

“I know that you have something to do with his condition, Loki, and the Allfather agrees.  You were not content with what you did to Midgard and to the others who thought you friend.  Must you find it for Thor to suffer too? Does he not already for your betrayal, Loki? He loved you! He still does!”

He loves me? He is a fool, a giant oaf, as he has always been! His suffering is his own.

“I will see that whatever ruin you have tried to put upon Thor will be stopped!”

Oh really?

If that was indeed so, there could very well be a wonderful opportunity when Thor returned to Asgard.

He recalled a lot during the battle.

One was the nagging pain of the knife wound in his abdomen. Loki had stuck it in deep and Thor had felt the blade twist slightly, but it should have healed by now. As Thor fought alongside the human Avengers, he felt the pain but also a bizarre elation, a surge of power that had his head spinning…or was that from when Banner—the Hulk— had hit him so?

Adrenalin coursed through his body and he experienced the rush and thrill of the kills he made, and of the power he and Mjölnir unleashed. It was beyond exhilarating. His heart was racing; his blood felt as if it was boiling in his very veins and he felt glorious! He missed this excitement of battle, the euphoria of it all as he pushed his body and power to their very limits, but even when he took hits, when the Chitauri injured him further, Thor did not allow himself to wane, he fought fiercely and never once thought of giving up.

Thor also recalled how effortlessly the team worked together. Yes, orders and directions were given; Rogers’ commands were clear, tactically sound and held such authority, and the occasional quip and witty comments made over the radio comms—mostly from Stark—made dealing with this devastation slightly easier but most of the time they didn’t need to say anything.

As Thor paired up with each of the humans, he found he adapted well to their own unique methods of fighting. It seemed that he knew what they wanted him to do before they could ask and it felt wonderful. They had his back as he did theirs. This was their first battle as a team and it felt as if they had been doing this for years, it was strangely appealing.

But it was all madness. Thor shouldn’t be enjoying this, people were dying, and Loki was responsible for all of this.
The knife wound should have healed by now.

Thor pushed himself harder and harder each time, trying to find Loki amidst the alien creatures but having no luck. His brother was elusive so Thor gave as much as he could to protect his teammates and the civilians running for their lives. But when Thor heard the shot and saw Captain Rogers fall to the ground, the haze of battle in his head turned an angry red.

He deflected several bolts of the Chitauri weapons fire and used Mjolnir to scoop up a car, sending it flying and crushing the creatures in its path. As soon as Mjolnir returned to his hand, Thor spun round and sent her off again, giving her the free will to keep on attacking as he rushed over to Steve.

He looked down to where the Captain was gripping his side; Thor saw the blood seeping through his fingers and the look of anguish on his face.

Thor wanted to ask if he was okay, he wanted to pick him up and get him to some kind of medical aid, but as he held out his hand and felt the human’s grip, when he helped Rogers to his feet and looked back to his wound… he saw he was already healing.

“Are you ready for another bout?”  Thor asked. Steve smiled as he focused in the distance watching the Chitauri fall under Mjolnir’s will.

“What? Are you getting sleepy?”

Sleep did sound good. Thor was beginning to tire, but he was fascinated that the human was healing so quickly… like an Asgardian. He hadn’t thought Humans were capable of that, but then he had not seen such a creature as Banner before either.

Thor held out his hand and Mjolnir instantly returned. The next wave of Chitauri was slowly moving in.

“Not in the slightest. But you…” Thor reached down to Steve’s bloodied hand and pulled it away. There was a lot of blood. While the Captain was fatigued, he didn’t look as pained any more.

“I’m fine. Super serum. I can carry on all day.”

Thor doubted that he could and touched at the wound, making Steve wince. The Captain’s legs buckled a little but he grabbed onto Thor for support.  The tips of Thor’s fingers wiped the excess blood off the wound, again making the man shiver, and he marvelled at how the skin was already beginning to heal.

“Does it hurt badly?”

“Yeah, but it’ll pass.”

“You do not require medical assistance?”

Steve smiled and shook his head. He picked up his shield and eased himself away from Thor’s grasp. Then his eyes looked down to where Thor’s own blood had been dripping through his armour.

“Do you?”

Even if he did, there was no time. The enemy was upon them once again and they had naught else to do but fight side by side.

The wound really should have healed by now.


Was it possible to die from pleasure?

Could the god enveloping him, moving inside of him, kill him like this?  If he were to die now, it would be so sweet… it would be the most wonderful death.

Steve couldn’t focus. He could barely breathe as the power surging through him was immense. It was screaming—or was that him?—it was raging through him sending every muscle in his body into spasm and to the very brink of ecstasy.

The constant sparks of lightning which emanated from Thor’s hands coursed over Steve’s sweating torso like snakes, prickling his skin and making him shudder.  They burned, tingled, they shocked and crept beneath his skin, giving that extra jolt of pleasure.

Thanks also to the super serum, Steve found that it was possible for him to recover quickly after he orgasmed and continue on. He didn’t know how it was possible or how he could keep going through this, but through his increasing drowsy euphoria, Steve was always jolted back to awareness by the shock of Thor’s charged touch.

Now, Thor had dragged Steve up onto his knees, even though all Steve wanted to do was sag in his hold and pass out into a blissful coma. A strong muscled arm wound around his waist, Thor’s fingers and a few stray sparks traced across his abdomen, again jerking him out of his stupor , whilst Thor’s other hand steadied them both and kept them upright, resting against the wall as Thor pounded and buffeted himself deeper into Steve with hard thrusts.

Steve wanted to pass out, but he also wanted to stay awake and feel all of this for he never thought anyone could. He was going from one extreme to the other and Steve lost all sense of time as Thor’s thighs slammed hard against his rear; he lost all sense of anything except for Thor and the ripples of pain and euphoria ebbing through him.

Then the god suddenly shoved so hard into him, every inch of his cock buried inside, and Steve bellowed a loud yell, followed by incomprehensible words and slaver which drooled down his chin. He choked and gasped, the sweat poured off him as the rapid pounding from Thor’s body increased and as did the static shocks.

He could die right now and die happy at the hands of this god.

Suddenly Thor stilled inside him and the booms of thunder and rain that had been raging the city for hours calmed. The room was now gently illuminated by a white silver hue that emanated from Thor and Mjolnir and for a moment Steve was allowed to settle in Thor’s arms. His raking convulsions diminished to small shakes and he could finally find his breath. Thor held Steve tenderly, one hand caressing his hip and the other stroking up and down the slickened expanse of Steve’s chest whilst he kissed around his neck.

Steve heard Thor murmuring breathlessly in his ear. He didn’t understand any of what was said as it was clearly Thor’s native tongue, a mixture of Danish and something alien. Thor whispered them with hushed tones and the deepness of his voice breathed over the shell of Steve’s ear with intense lust and affection. Those words…whatever they were… made Steve bite his bottom lip, it made him find what little strength he had left to raise his arm up and round to grab a fist of long drenched blond hair.

He tried to speak the god’s name, but again only a moaning vocalization came out of his mouth. It pitched when the arm around his waist loosened and a gentle palm took hold of his aching swollen cock. Those Asgardian words again whispered and growled in his ear, promising him everything and assuring him as Thor’s palm began to slowly stroke him. Steve closed his eyes and bowed his head low as he lost himself in the rhythm of Thor’s hand and the thrust of his hips. Thor kissed and bit around his neck, devouring with hunger and leaving red marks on Steve’s skin. He murmured Steve’s name over and over again and then finally Steve came, spilling into his hand.

The high of orgasm, each gush that came from him, shook Steve uncontrollably.  He couldn’t stop and as he tensed, clenching hard, he heard Thor’s own pleasured groans. Thor pulled him tightly to his chest and Steve finally collapsed completely in his arms; he had nothing left, no energy or strength so Thor held him, letting him tremble, comforting him with kisses along his shoulders, before slowly pulling out of Steve and gently easing him down onto his back.

“Rest, my Captain.” Thor’s deep dulcet tone whispered lovingly against his mouth. “Sleep if you can.”

Steve couldn’t speak.  His ragged breath hadn’t returned to normal and he had no strength at all, so his hands were  guided lazily over his body by Thor’s, their fingers entwined as their palms stroked over every muscle on Steve’s torso, smearing through the sweat and ejaculate as Thor’s mouth kissed around his neck again, smattering a few pleading words to his lips.

Steve wanted to sleep, but with the God of Thunder on top of him, with the charge of his power and energy still emanating all around him, he didn’t think it possible. Steve turned his head as Thor continued to bite hungry needy marks against his neck and collarbone and saw Mjolnir by the wall.

She was humming, vibrating, and Steve hadn’t noticed it before. Only in this aftermath could he hear and it was soothing, it was a beautiful sound along with Thor’s rumbles of want in his chest. Mjolnir was still extracting power from Thor, siphoning him off but Steve knew Thor couldn’t stop.

Steve didn’t understand the connection Thor had with that hammer or how his powers worked, but he was simply not being sated. Thor was very much fuelled and he wanted more.

Through his blurred vision, Steve saw the intoxicated look upon Thor’s face. Thor was utterly besotted, entranced, and when he purposely rubbed himself against Steve’s thigh, still so hard, he looked to be incredibly drunk and giddy.

How much could he possibly contain or endure, for Steve simply couldn’t recall Thor coming at all. What he lay in was all him, except for the sweat. There wasn’t much Steve could recall, except how euphoric and so damned wonderful he felt through it all and how he was feeling now.

 “Rest…” Thor reverted back to his own language; he muttered words which felt like a promise against Steve’s mouth, before slipping off of him. The large Asgardian then turned to his side and pulled Steve into him, his arms wrapped around Steve as they spooned and he nuzzled his beard and mouth again along Steve’s neck.

As his eyes began to close, the storm began to pick up pace again. It was agitated and frustrated, Steve could somehow sense it as it was matching the mood of Mjolnir’s owner and it wasn’t going to let up unless the god was satisfied. That wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

It took a few more seconds before Steve dropped off completely with the warm cocoon of Thor’s body wrapped around him.  He recalled a flash of brilliant blue erupting outside and then Thor’s voice.

“They’re here.”


“We won.”

“All right! Yay! Hurray! Good job guys! Let’s just not come in tomorrow. Let’s just take a day.”

The Man of Iron had proved his worth. He had stopped the bomb and nearly sacrificed his life for the people of this city, of this world. He had lived and saved them all. Thor felt great admiration for him.

“Have you ever tried shawarma? There’s a shawarma joint just two blocks from here. I don’t know what it is but I want to try it.”

What was this shawarma? Was it some kind of foodstuff? Thor’s stomach rumbled in anticipation. The thought of food was greatly appealing, but his needs could wait for moment.

“We’re not finished yet.”

“Then shawarma after?”

Aye. Indeed. 

When his brother was taken back to the hellicarrier, Thor saw to it that Loki was gagged to prevent him from manifesting his illusions or manipulating the humans placed around to guard him.  He saw to it that Loki was secure before doing anything else.

In the tiny little shawarma restaurant, amongst broken chairs, broken glass and broken walls, the Avengers all paid homage to the fallen, to Coulson and others who had lost their lives and then tucked hungrily into the mound of shawarma gratefully prepared for them by the owners.

The staff cleaned up as the heroes ate in silence after their toasts to their fallen.

At first Thor’s new teammates looked to him in utter astonishment as he scoffed down dozens of the shawarma within a matter of minutes. The others certainly didn’t have the appetite he did, though Steve did manage to keep up with him for a while, and Thor amazed and stunned them with how much he put away. Thor drank several cups of soda too, the sweet fizzy mixture hyped him up like a child and gave him quite a sugar rush, but after a while, even Thor noted how much he was consuming.

It didn’t make him stop however.  


Thor’s yell broke the comfortable silence the Avengers had been eating in and startled the members of staff still sweeping up. They brought him more and seriously didn’t mind his boisterous bellows for more or that he banged the table with heart-felt glee and broke it. They promptly brought over a new table and his teammates watched in great amusement as Thor got through much more than was humanly possible.

“I thought I ate a lot… but this is…wow!” Rogers was absolutely lost for words and Thor smiled at him, with his mouth full and his cheeks bulging.

“After a battle, aye Captain, my kind eats a lot and much more so!” Thor swallowed what had been in his mouth and took another swig of soda.  “But this day I find myself even more famished than Volstagg and he is a man who could eat a great feast to himself. These shawarma are most excellent and hearty meals. This was a fantastic recommendation, Stark! I need more! Bring me more!”

The staff were only too happy to oblige. They kept bringing Thor food and when the Avengers couldn’t eat further, when Steve could no longer keep up with him and they were on the verge of falling asleep in their chairs they were that drowsy, Thor continued eating, ravenous beyond anything.

It was only when Steve’s hand—which had been propping up his head—slipped and his head fell, smacking his face onto the table, that Thor stopped, dropped the half-eaten wrap to his plate and turned to help the Captain. He smiled and laughed at the team leader’s dazed and confused state.

“Are you okay, Captain?”  Steve nodded but when he rose up from his chair, he was very wobbly on his feet and he was having difficulty focusing.

“I…I think it would be best we get back to the carrier.”

“Very well. Here endeth the feast in the palace of shawarma! One day on my next visit to your world, I shall return here and sample more of this most fine delicacy!” Thor hauled Rogers to his feet and kept him stable with a supporting arm around his waist. “Captain, I shall aid you in our journey back, that blow to the head has surely dazed you!”

“No… I’m fine, I’m…” Steve stumbled again but he didn’t fall as Thor’s strong grip tightened around him and held him up. “Okay… I’m not fine. Thanks, Thor. I appreciate the help.”

“Any time, my friend!”

The Avengers left the establishment, full and extremely tired. Thor was the only one who wasn’t. He didn’t want to rest or sleep, he didn’t think he could, for the energy was so great inside of him, he needed to release, to vent and fight more! 

Fury was not happy that they had absconded and had begun to lay into them when they returned, but it was when the issue of the Tesseract and of Loki’s imprisonment was brought up that Thor’s light hearted and jovial manner from the shawarma palace faded

“The Council are demanding that the Tesseract stays here. They also want Loki to remain to face our justice.”

The whole bridge of the helli-carrier fell silent as Thor stood face to face with the Director. His demeanour changed, the rumble of thunder directly outside put every single person on edge.

Fury was not a person who could be scared easily, by anything or anyone, yet Thor’s sudden change really shook him. He was not going to be stupid enough to go against this Asgardian, Fury wouldn’t dare and neither would anyone else.  No one would argue or say one word against the god.

“Director Fury, that is not a decision for your Council to make. The Tesseract and my brother will both return to Asgard.”

“I’m not going to stand in your way.”


Thor wanted to leave immediately.

He had already lost some time with the meal, but that was a necessity. Selvig even asked if he wanted to speak to Jane, to let her know he had come back and that he would again in the near future, but even that thought concerned him. Thor was tempted. He wanted to speak to her using the ‘Skype’ which Selvig had mentioned but getting Loki and the Tesseract off the Earth was far more important.

He could not delay.

However, an accidental collision against another agent as he headed towards Banner’s lab to collect the Tesseract had him change his mind. A stinging pain jarred his side and the small barge had Thor reaching for the wall for support. Luckily it was only Banner and few other agents walking with him and so he managed to convince them that he was okay, though as the injury continued to cause him extreme discomfort, Thor opted to stay just a little bit longer, to check it out himself.


“He had to put us outside! Couldn’t Heimdall have landed us under some kind of cover or in some shelter?”

The Warriors Three had landed in New York and they were right in the thick of a torrential downpour.  They had also landed right in the middle of the road and caused a bit of a standstill.  Whilst the metal vehicles—Thor had said they were called cars—remained stationary, the blaring horns and angry yells quickly got the three off the road.

Volstagg looked around for shelter and finally led his friends to where some rather stunned looking humans were keeping out of the rain by standing beneath the awning of a cafe. It really didn’t matter anymore that the Asgardians found this shelter as all three of them were drenched to the bone.

They looked very peculiar, drenched and dressed in their full Asgardian armour, standing amongst some bewildered and very tiny looking humans. They were stunned themselves to see a vastly different Midgardian scene than their last visit; it was so noisy and busy, the tall sky scrapers gave this city an extremely claustrophobic feel and the storm wasn’t making things easy either.

Volstagg grinned sheepishly to the ten people standing near them and ruffled his wet beard. He was much more used to open spaces, Asgard and all its cities were grand on scale, but were open, vast and roomy. This city…it felt so closed in.

“This storm is Thor’s doing,” Hogun gruffly whispered to Fandral. “We must find him.”

Fandral agreed wholeheartedly. The spot where they landed had a lot more humans around, even with the rain, but the Tesseract’s power, the wisps of blue energy, hadn’t been slight. Even now the remains of the energy flickered in the air and around Earth’s new visitors and the humans were extremely curious about them. Questions were no doubt on their minds, but now was not the time to be pandering to their curiosity. The warriors also didn’t want to wait around for whatever law enforcement these people had to turn up.
Fandral recognised the mood of this storm, he knew that this was not just naturally occurring and he knew it well that his friend was in trouble.  This storm was chaotic and that should not be happening with the Thunderer.  Thor needed help.

“We need to find Thor, now.”

“He’ll be at Avengers Tower.”  A young woman, a waitress, flashed a smile at Fandral and pointed across the street. Fandral smiled back at her his thanks and saw her blush when he bowed and walked out into the rain.

“Thank you.”

Ignoring the yells and car horns, the Warriors Three walked out on to the road again and approached the tower, somehow avoiding being knocked over by the cars.  The place looked pretty well fortified, but it was nothing that the men from Asgard couldn’t get past.  Prepared for some resistance from the humans, especially as they had come to Earth unannounced, they kept their hands ready to grab their weapons.

“You won’t need those, gentlemen.”

The warriors turned and saw another woman standing in the rain. Dressed in nothing but a tight black suit that clung to every part of her curvaceous body, her red, soaked hair sticking to the sides of her face, the woman was practically unperturbed by the cold, wet weather.
They had no idea where she had come from, or how long she had been there, but when a crack of thunder boomed across the city, the woman took her cue and joined the three visitors by the door.

“Welcome to Earth, gentlemen.  I’m Agent Romanov.”

“You were expecting us?” Volstagg asked noting the gun resting on her hip. The woman smiled slyly.

“You weren’t very stealthy in getting here. The Tesseract’s signature is familiar to us.”

“True. True.”

The Tesseract was never subtle.

Agent Romanov signalled to someone called JARVIS and the doors opened for them all with a quiet swoosh.  Standing behind those doors was a man dressed in black, who looked very familiar, and next to him was another man, tall, very well built and who looked as if he could give Volstagg a run for his money, but on second looks he probably couldn’t. Each man was standing to either side of a sweet looking auburn haired woman whose smile genuinely said welcome.

“Welcome to the Avenger’s tower.  I’m Pepper Pots. This is Happy Hogan and I believe you’ve all met Agent Clint Barton of SHIELD from your last visit?”


All three of them shook hands with Barton, remembering how he driven them back to the site in the desert.

“We’re so glad you’re here.”

“I am Volstagg the Valiant, of Asgard.”  Volstagg approached Pepper and took up her hand, kissing her knuckles. “This is Fandral the Dashing and Hogun the Grim. We are the Warriors Three, lifelong friends of Thor and comrades and brothers in arms.”

“We’ve been sent by the Allfather because he and all of us in the Golden Realm fear for Thor,” Fandral added.

“You fear for him?” asked Pepper.

“Something is not right. We must see him immediately.”

“Don’t you want to change, dry out first?”

Fandral bowed again pleasantly. If this were any other time, the pretty young lady would certainly be worthy of a woo, but Thor was more important. A little bit of rain, Midgardian rain, was not going to hinder him.

“Thank you, but it would be best if we can be taken to see our friend.”    

Pepper nodded and so she escorted the three to the elevators. When they were gone, only Clint and Natasha remained down in the lobby.


“Do you… want to change, dry out?” asked Barton as both of them continued to look at the pelting storm outside. An amused smile curled on Natasha’s lips. He was so serious when he said that, but she knew his intentions. “Because… I could really help you with that, if you want.”

“If I want?”

“Well, sure. The outfit you’ve got on…must be an utter bitch to get out of when it’s wet, what with the clinging and all.”

‘Love is for children.’

Sometimes Barton could be such a child.

“I think I can manage, Clint. Thank you.”


Natasha was about to head up to her quarters to change, when a bright glimmer of sun made her stop. She then watched in astonishment as the storm completely and utterly stopped. Bright sun and a warm haze took over and she walked back out onto the busy New York street. Clint followed her.

There was not a cloud in the sky.

“It’s stopped,”  Natasha said, which was pretty much what everyone else on the street was saying as they looked upwards in amazement. Some of the public looked their way and smiled, thinking that somehow the Avengers had managed to stop it.

“I wouldn’t be so sure on that.”  Clint took a few more steps further and tilted his head backwards so he looked up the tower, pinpointing his gaze on the exact level where Thor was residing. “This could just be the Eye.”

 That did not sound good.


As Thor stripped off his armour and looked in the full length mirror, he saw that a nasty discoloured bruise still swelled on his skin. It didn’t look infected but the fact that it was still there greatly worried him. Thor touched over the bruise and grit his teeth as an involuntary hiss escaped his lips at the intensity of the sting. This was not normal.  The blade Loki had stabbed him with was nothing special, it had no powers imbibed upon it and the metal certainly had no mystical qualities.

He shuddered. If it was not the blade that was the cause of this wound remaining, then there was something else. Had he picked up an infection from this world?

Thor did not feel right, the clammy sweat and grime that still covered him made him even more uncomfortable. He was off balance and he noticed strange vibes from Mjolnir.  The hammer was vibrating, humming with discord and that only meant that she was reacting to him.

The humans knew nothing of his physiology; they wouldn’t know what to do in helping him, though Banner did express an interest in learning. The only thing he could do was to see the healers back on his home world. They were the only ones who could tell him for sure.
Thor stripped off the remainder of his clothes and took a complete look at himself. He studied every part of his body, touching, prodding and feeling every part his hand could reach, but everything seemed fine, there were no other abnormalities, he could feel nothing out of place nor could he feel anything wrong.

He did look tired and disgusting. His face was haggard, dirt and sweat covered his skin and his hair was greasy and tangled. Even his beard had blood and grime embedded into the short hairs. This was no way for him to return home.

Stark had recommended a shower before he went home and at the time Thor wasn’t concerned about it but as he heard the running water and saw the steam billowing out from the other room, he thought it might do him some good.

It wouldn’t take long.
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