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Happy (belated) birthday Lukadreaming!

Title Down and Dirty
Characters/Pairings Ryan/Stephen, Connor
Words 479
Genre Humour
Summary Stephen gets a little muddy.
Author's Note: This is a little something for lukadreaming for her birthday a couple of days ago. From the list of prompts you gave me, down and dirty was the one that resulted in this. It's actually a wee sequel to last year's drabble Doped This is beta'd by fredbassett but all mistakes are mine. Enjoy! 

“I got it! I got it!”

Ryan couldn’t help but laugh when Stephen went to grab at the young Ornithomimus, but the theropod was swift and dodged the lunge easily, causing Stephen to become unbalanced.

Ryan became hysterical, tears rolled down his cheeks at the sound of the very loud splat as Stephen fell flat on his face in the mud.  His laughter continued as Stephen rolled round in an attempt to get up. He was a right sight.


“No worries, Ryan! We got it!”

There was the sound of a tranq-gun and a thud as the Ornithomimus passed out.  Abby had got in a good shot.  Ryan managed to compose himself, but only for a second. He sniggered as Stephen tried to get up and slipped even more. Ryan had to try to stifle more chuckles with his hand, but every time Stephen tried to gain his footing, he slipped again.

Eventually, Ryan couldn’t stand it any more, he walked over to Stephen and held out his hand.

Stephen took it and the squelch of mud between their palms nearly set Ryan off again, but instead he helped Stephen up and became suddenly entranced by his partner.

The mud had soaked Stephen’s  t-shirt, making it cling to his body. It emphasised the muscles on his torso, the mud and wetness dripped down his arms and damn… Ryan was getting turned on. Dirty Stephen was hot.

Ryan lifted a hand up and gently wiped the mud from one side of Stephen’s face.

“That was not funny,” Stephen said, as Ryan wiped the other cheek.

“I beg to differ.” Ryan leaned in close, his mouth was mere inches away from Stephen’s, but he couldn’t bring himself to actually kiss him, not now. “You know… you could have shot it. You still have your tranq gun.”

“Yeah… I do. I might still shoot something… or someone.”

Ryan chuckled.  “Like you did last time? I don’t think so. Come on… let’s get you back to the ARC and get you showered. I can scrub your back if you’d like?”

The smile through the mud on Stephen’s face was adorable.

“I’d like that a lot.”

Ryan turned his head to whisper in Stephen’s ear. He placed a hand on a very muddy backside.  “I can get into all the nooks and crannies… clean you right out.”

“Hmm… I can’t wait.”

There was a click and a sharp pain in his arse. Ryan’s eyes went wide in shock.  Then he felt a tingling sensation in his backside, which ran up the rest of his body. Everything went hazy.

“Wha-?”  Ryan grinned and looked at the tranq dart firmly lodged in his buttock.

Stephen had shot him… again.

Damn it.

Ryan snorted, giggled and then fell down, face right in the mud.

“That was for laughing. See you in the showers later, lover boy.”

Tags: birthday gifts, connor temple, humour, oneshot, primeval, ryan/stephen, stephen hart, tom ryan

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