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Happy (extremely) belated birthday Ebonyfeather!

Title: Chew Toy
Characters/Pairings Becker/Matt, Moss
Words 1,412
Genre Humour, slash
Rating: M/NC17
Summary:  Birthday celebrations are abruptly interrupted.
Author's Note: I came up with this idea for ebonyfeather when it was her birthday, but it took me a while to get it written. I blame my other muses who have been hoarding my attention. But tis done and thank you Ebs for allowing me to use your beloved Moss for this. I cannot state how awesome Moss is! I hope you like what I've done. Beta'd by fififolle but any mistakes are all mine!

Becker woke up feeling a loving mouth kissing his shoulders and his neck.  He smiled as a hand stroked through the hair on his chest and down between his legs.

 Fingers coiled around his morning erection and worked at him softly whilst the mouth began to nip and bite at his shoulder.  Becker moaned then he turned over and faced the person responsible for waking him up in such a wonderful way.
“Right back atcha.”

Matt kissed him softly on the lips and very quickly they were both writhing and grinding against one another, groaning at the friction of their naked bodies. There were a few sniggers as they rolled, their caresses tickled and their kisses bit just a little harder when they got more and more amorous.

There was a moment of quiet. Only a small gasping moan came from Becker as Matt finally slipped inside him after a few attempts. When Matt was sunk within Becker fully, they simply held each other with their limbs entangled, nuzzling their mouths and lips across their necks.

“Happy birthday, love.”

Matt stroked a hand down Becker’s cheek, kissed him and began—at last— to move, rocking in a slow and gentle motion.  Becker hissed, he clung to Matt and his quiet restrained intake of breath turned into heavy panting gasps when Matt quickened the pace.
Becker asked for more. He bit into Matt’s shoulder and muttered ‘faster… faster’ and cried loudly when Matt obliged. The bed began to protest at such a pace, the headboard wobbled and banged against the wall, and the men forged on, the din of the headboard and their vocalising reaching deafening levels.

The howling and the crash didn’t stop them.
It was the wolf cub that leapt onto the bed that stopped everything.
Matt’s sudden extraction caused a long spew of swear words to erupt from Becker’s mouth. In fact both of them were cursing like crazy as they fell off the bed and landed on the floor in shaking foetal positions, but Moss wasn’t at all fazed.
“Dammit, Moss!”
“I locked that door, I know I locked that fucking door…he broke through our door!”
The wolf cub—that wasn’t so much of a cub anymore— was oblivious to being told off and simply bound all over the room, barking happily in celebration before scampering around Becker’s legs. He rubbed himself up against Becker, purred affectionately and barked some more. He didn’t stop, his tail wagged ecstatically and when he wasn’t getting the response he was after, he ran off barking louder.
“We need a stronger door,”  Becker said, rubbing at the pain in his backside and finally pulling himself up to his knees “He can’t keep doing this.”
“Tell me about it.” Matt did the same and slumped against Becker for support. “He’s gotten big…and he’s still growing.”
“Hopefully not Game of Thrones big. We’ll need a new apartment if that happens.”  Becker had to smile when Matt didn’t get the reference and he wrapped his arms around him.  “Don’t worry.  It won’t come to that.”
“You know this for a fact, do you?”
“I’m about 98% certain…maybe.”
“I’ll hold you to that 98%, sweet cheeks.”
“Yeah, they’re not so sweet…they’re actually a little sore.”
“Only a little?”
Matt kissed him, but once again Moss bound back into the room, very excited and happy about something, disturbing another one of their intimate moments.  Reluctantly, both men broke apart, struggled to put on some underwear and finally followed the wolf into the other room.
In the living room was a shock that was almost as bad as being interrupted mid-coitus.
The present that had been clearly for Becker on his special day had been opened—ripped open— and torn to shreds, or rather the packaging had.
“Oh god…no!”
Becker smiled and tried to smother it with his hand as Matt rushed up to Moss. It proved a useless thing to do as his partner began to have a tug of war match with the wolf, in an attempt to gain back what was locked in his jaws.
“It’s not yours!” Matt said, in a clear authoritive tone. Moss was having none of it. In fact he thought it was all a game, like the ones Matt so often liked to play with him. “I’m not kidding! Let go! Becker! Tell him!”
Becker had to laugh as the two of them wrestled over the sofa, Moss snarling and pulling Matt, unbalancing him. It was quite adorable and an amusing sight on his birthday, but it wasn’t what he wanted right now.
It took a click of his fingers to get Moss to back off. The wolf released his hold and obediently came over to Becker and sat down on his hind legs, awaiting his next command.  Becker gave him the signal to stay and wait and he looked as Matt got to his feet and brought over the chewed present.
“This was supposed to be for you,” Matt sighed and grimaced as wolf drool dripped off it and onto the floor.  Matt dropped it, not really wanting to hold it anymore.

“Moss probably thinks it’s his birthday not mine.”

“I didn’t get you anything else…this…” Matt gestured to the gift on the floor,  “I don’t think is going to be much use now.”
“It’s impressive though,” Becker stroked a hand through Matt’s hair, kissed his cheek and grazed his own against Matt’s stubble, feeling the pleasant burn. “It would have been fun.”

Becker kissed him again. He pulled Matt into his arms and slipped one hand down the back of his boxers to squeeze at his arse. There was a whine.
A wet tongue licked against their legs. Then when they didn’t break, there was a whack of something thick against them, which did pull them apart.
Moss was looking up at them, his tail wagging and his mouth full of Becker’s present.   If Matt couldn’t take it off Moss, then maybe Becker could. However, this time it was his turn to play tug of war, and Moss wasn’t giving it up.
Becker tried, but Moss kept a firm hold. Becker used all of his commands but Moss didn’t listen. He even tried to scold Moss and his attempts at threatening to take all of his favourite things away (his blanket, an old pair of Matt’s boots, a squeaky dinosaur toy and a deflated rugby ball) utterly failed.
Moss only gave Becker a look that said ‘fine take them all away. I have this now’ and padded over to the sofa where he lay down upon it and gnawed on the present happily.
“That is wrong on so many levels,” Matt said, sighing heavily. He began to pick up the remains of the packaging and Becker could see how disappointed he was. “I’d gladly give him my new boots if he’ll stop munching on that thing. It was supposed to be for you!”
No matter how much Moss loved devouring the nice boots Matt brought, it didn’t look like their wolf was going to give up on this.  So that was the end of everything.
They had no door on their bedroom and Becker had no birthday present.
“I suppose we’d best shower and get dressed.”
“We could shower together?”
No. Becker couldn’t because Moss would follow and—whilst keeping a safe distance from any water—would watch through the steamed glass and whine, putting Becker right off any intimacy with Matt.
But then an idea came to mind and it made Becker laugh out loud, pick Matt up, and spin him round.
“I’ve got it! We can ask Connor to look after him for the morning!”
At the mention of Connor’s name, Moss’ ears pricked up and he lifted his head up as well. He made an inquisitive sound, followed by a hopeful vocalisation as he jumped down from the sofa and once again sat at Becker’s feet. He still had the present in his mouth.
“Are you sure? Connor is getting Moss into a lot of Sci-Fi. He’s made a list of everything he wants Moss to watch.”
“It’s okay…he’s into something called Firefly… it must be a nature program. Moss will be okay with that, besides…Moss enjoys being with Connor and Abby.”
Moss barked—or tried to with his mouthful—and wagged his tail in agreement. 

“Fine! Okay…but you’ll have to tell them why the hell Moss is chewing on a dildo.”
Tags: becker, birthday gifts, humour, matt anderson, mecker, primeval, slash, smut

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