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Title: Whatcha Doin'?

Characters/Pairings: Bruce Banner/Darcy Lewis,  Tony Stark,  Thor

Words: 1365

Rating: Fine for all.

Summary: Bruce gets a new visitor to his lab.

Author's Note:  Written for my beloved and awesome mate ultra_fic Thank you again for my lovely fic... after reading that awesome story I have to post yours! This is the first time I've written Bruce/Darcy but I hopes you likes. It's not beta'd so there will be mistakes. Happy Christmas luv!  xxx

Bruce knew that Tony had something to do with it.

Tony was responsible. He always was.

Bruce looked about his lab. It was immaculate, unlike the clutter and chaos of Tony’s garage, everything was spick and span but that didn’t mean there wasn’t some kind of prank device lurking in here, hidden and ready to startle the doctor and bring out the Hulk.

Bruce didn’t know why Tony did it, because nothing the billionaire could rustle up made him angry.

Well what could when you already were most of the time?  

Before Bruce could even contemplate starting work on his new experiment, he had to take some time to locate Tony’s jokes.  Today, there were some of the usual ones, underneath his chair and by the door, but Tony knew that Bruce would find those (and the whoopi cushion… really?!) so he must have planted more.

It was while Bruce was on his hands and knees, beneath his desk detaching an audio device, from which came the sounds of Tony and Thor drunkenly singing Christmas songs (“Tony, are these rude words we’re singing indeed the right ones?”) when he heard someone come in.  Someone he didn’t recognise… their footsteps were different.

Bruce ripped the device from its so called hiding place and scrambled to his feet. He was in such a hurry that his elbow caught the corner of his desk and the device dropped to the floor.


The young woman was dressed in jeans and a long tatty red Christmas jumper, of which the sleeves were long over her hands. On her feet were some white worn sneakers that were falling apart, and on her head was a Santa hat. Dark brown waves of hair spilled around her shoulders and while her glasses had thick black frames, it was her smile that Bruce really noticed.

“Er… hi?” 

The woman waved in a cheery manner and then dug her hands into the pockets of her jeans. It was then he saw that she had purposely made holes in the sleeves of her jumper so her thumbs could stick through them. Her thumbs were wiggling through the frayed material.

“Hi! Whatcha doin’?”

“Oh…?”  Bruce mentally cursed himself for forgetting the woman’s name. He knew who she was.  She was a friend of Jane Foster and Eric Selvig.

“I’m the intern?”  She grinned, seeing that Bruce was having difficulty in remembering her name.  Yes. Of course she was.  “We met earlier today and it took you almost ten minutes to shake my hand whilst you gawped in a dorky…but cute…manner at me?”

Huh? He had gawped at her in a cute and dorky way?

“Yup. Kinda like you’re doing now.”

Did he just ask that out loud?

“Your face is scrunching up a little there, Doc. Gives it away. It’s Darcy, by the way.”

“I’m sorry?”

“My name.”

Yes! Darcy Lewis. He remembered now. Thor had introduced them when Jane, Selvig and Darcy arrived at the tower.  Thor had mentioned that Darcy had tazed him when he had been banished from Asgard and Bruce loved how this woman was so proud of that accomplishment. He loved how so at ease she was with everyone, how easily she fit in with the group.

That adorable grin on her face was so beautiful.

“Miss Lewis…”


“Darcy, yes. I’m sorry about that. I know who you are, I was just distracted with…” Bruce picked up the device Tony had planted and then gestured to it and the pile of Tony’s other pranks.

“No worries! I’m cool about it.” Darcy shuffled over to his desk and squinted at the experiment Bruce was supposed to be working on. “So? Whatcha doin’? Science stuff?”

“Yes. Yes, I am.”   Bruce returned Darcy’s smile and began to explain in detail about the experiment. She listened.

As Bruce went through each section of the experiment, gesturing and pointing, Darcy really listened. She nodded and made positive ‘uh-huh’ noises and twenty minutes later, when Bruce finished, she beamed at him, showing gorgeous white pearly teeth.


“So, what?”

“What do you think?”

Darcy shrugged her shoulders.  “I didn’t understand any of it.”

“None of it?”

“Nope. Not even a smidge.”

“I thought you were Doctor Foster’s intern… you’re a scientist, right?”

“Political science. It’s completely diff.” Did her smile become even brighter? “I only needed two extra credits so I applied for Jane’s internship. Thought it would be a breeze… a piece of cake, but it turned out to be way out of my league… like totally in another galaxy league! But I don’t mind. I wouldn’t have met tall blonde and muscly otherwise. I wouldn’t have helped save the world! I wouldn’t be here now either. You guys are the Avengers! How cool is that? How cool is it spending Christmas at Stark Tower?!”

Bruce gestured to the piece of audio tech in his hand, the sounds of Tony and Thor’s drunk singing had could still be heard, as if to emphasize that it wasn’t all cool in Stark Tower. Sort of.  Darcy bobbed her head in understanding.

“Stark really can’t sing can he?”

“It’s not his strong point.”

“What about you? Can you sing?”

Huh? Could he? Bruce was never one for singing… he never thought about doing it. He hummed sometimes when he worked, but singing?

“I bet you have a nice voice, Bruce… can I call you Bruce?”

Sure! Yes! She could!

Bruce smiled and nodded, which pleased her more.

But…. Oh!

He tensed with fear.

“I… I don’t have to sing now… do I?”

Darcy laughed. It was a delightful sound.

“Nah. You don’t have to. I’m just joshing.”

Oh thank god.

Bruce might have sighed a little too heavily because Darcy Lewis jostled him with her elbow.

“There is however a karaoke place not far from here. They’re doing Christmas cocktails and giving away free mince pies!  We could grab a few and sing some cheesy sickening Crimbo favourites! Or if it’s more to your liking, how ‘bout we belt out a few power ballads on the mike?  Oh! What about crooning? You look like you might be a crooner. Rat Pack style! Martin, Sinatra or Sammy?”  Darcy suddenly tilted her head to the side. “Something wrong with your eyes, Doctor Bruce? You’re blinking… a lot.”

Did she just ask him out on a date?

Did this woman not know about… the other guy inside him?

She must do. She’s not stupid.

“Yeah, I asked ya out. Yeah, I know about the green fella, and hell no I’m not stupid. I got my smarts!”


Is this woman telepathic? How did she know what he was thinking?

“Do you want to go for this drink or not?”

God. She really was beautiful.

“I… I don’t think…er…it might not be a good idea.”

“Great! I’ll see you in the lobby at eight!”

Before Bruce could say a word, he was literally left breathless after a pair of soft lips pressed against his. When she pulled away after a few seconds, the remains of her red lipstick, the thickness and warmth on his mouth lingered and he became giddy, overwhelmed.

Deep down inside, the big guy experienced the same.

“Oh… okay.” Bruce mumbled and gently wiped some of the traces of lipstick from his mouth with the back of his hand. “Yeah. Sure.”

Darcy was already out of the door, but her voice carried back to the lab. “Cool!”

So it was a date.

He had a date, with Darcy Lewis.

Bruce smiled, flicked up the collar on his lab coat and got back to his experiment.

Maybe this could work.

“So… what you gonna wear, big guy?  A slinky black number with no back? High heels? Can I do your hair?”

The sound of Tony’s voice startled him, but when he could hear Thor’s singing in the background (was that Clint and Selvig singing too?), he sighed and fiddled with the device that had been planted under his table.

Of course it was a live feed. It was Tony trying to eavesdrop.

But it really didn’t matter.
He was going to have a date with Darcy.
Tags: 2014, avengers, bruce banner, bruce/darcy, darcy lewis, thor odinson, tony stark/iron man

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